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Follow KeyWiki to Obama’s Communist/Soviet Ties

What if the “former” Soviet Union had “talent spotted” a young radical named Barack Obama? What if the Soviets/Russia had used their minions in the…

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Panetta Report 4: Leon Panetta’s Communist Friend and the Chinese Spy

Panetta Report 3 here. From at least the mid-1970s until 1986, President Barack  Obama‘s nomination for Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, had a close personal friendship…

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Kincaid and Loudon Discuss Panetta’s Communist Ties

Cliff Kincaid and Trevor Loudon, lay out some of their case against Obama Secretary of Defense nominee Leon Panetta. Please view this video. If you…

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Will the Senate Pick Anti-Defense CIA Chief with Red Ties as SecDef?; More Damaging Disclosures about Leon Panetta

Researchers Trevor Loudon and Cliff Kincaid are warning the Senate to examine CIA Director Leon Panetta’s anti-defense record, associations with identified communists, and support for…

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Panetta Hearing for SecDef on Thursday: Obama’s CIA Director Linked to Spies Through Communist Party Figure

New research from writers and researchers Trevor Loudon and Cliff Kincaid shows that Leon Panetta, the CIA director being considered on Thursday for the position…

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