5 thoughts on ““Here’s to You Mr. Jefferson”

  1. Never want something too much as Glenn Beck has warned us. Fully vet who you vote for in the primary.

  2. Oh ye of little faith,

    I grant you, many of us are still going to work,raising the kids,paying the bills,and worrying about everyday life. They barely have time to see the storm coming.

    But some of us are preparing. We will help our neighbors,our friends,our loved ones. We will defend our liberty,our country,our Constitution. We are not perfect,but we are blessed. We are Americans.

  3. I disagree greatly that America is still the “land of the free and home of the brave.” Americans have NOT shown that to be the case. Quite the contrary, they have lined up humbly and submitted to all the gross violations of their fundamental human rights that the political elite have subjected them. To this day, they sit by idly while their country, constitution and personal liberties are stripped away in front of their eyes. They continue to be manipulated by the stupid “class war” being played by the communists, er I mean demoncraps.

    Oh well, I’m voting for Obama in 2012 because I WANT the opportunity to eliminate communist dna from the gene pool in America and I think his reelection will definitely produce such an opportunity.

    1. I totally agree with you, it’s time for most Americans

      Place their left hand on their right ear,
      Place their right hand on their left ear,
      and pull their skinny, little heads out
      of the A—s and wake up to what is happening
      to us under this administration.

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