“Patriot” Snowden Heads to Neo-Marxist Ecuador via Moscow and Cuba


From Russia Today:

The plane carrying whistleblower Edward Snowden has landed at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. The former CIA contractor, who left Hong Kong in a bid to elude US extradition on espionage charges, is on his way to a ‘third country’ via Russia.

Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino announced via twitter that Snowden had applied for asylum.

Interfax news agency is citing an unnamed source in Sheremetyevo airport management, saying that Snowden is still at the airport.

“Snowden is a transit passenger, his next flight is to Cuba, he remains in the airport complex – where he’s supposed to be, waiting for the next flight,” the source said.

A source at Aeroflot Russian Airlines told the agency that the whistleblower, who is accompanied by WikiLeaks representative, Sarah Harrison, has rented a suit at the airport’s «V-Express» Capsule Hotel.

“He arrived. But he can’t leave the terminal because he doesn’t have a Russian visa,” the source said.

Two cars with diplomatic license plates of Ecuador – the country named among Snowden’s possible destinations – were spotted at Sheremetyevo airport.

Ecuador’s ambassador to Russia, Patricio Chavez, arrived at Sheremetyevo Airport after Edward Snowden’s plane touched down in Moscow.

So “patriot’ Edward Snowden bugs out to ChiCom dominated Hong Hong, leaves via KGB ruled Russia, heading for Neo-Marxist Ecuador via communist ruled Cuba, aided by Julian Assange, who has worked for Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today.

His main media spokesman, Glenn Greenwald, received a media award in 2009, named after Soviet spy I.F. Stone, from a panel which included Marxist media academic Robert McChesney.

Greenwald addressed a Marxist-Leninist conference in Chicago in 2011, where he openly called for the weakening of America. He was back in 2012 and is due to speak at the the 2013 event in a few days time.

Couldn’t get much more “patriotic” than that.


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1 thought on ““Patriot” Snowden Heads to Neo-Marxist Ecuador via Moscow and Cuba

  1. Although this is Mr Loudon’s blog, you, Trevor, seemed to have nailed it.
    Seriously, what could you say about something like this?

    Patriot my F@#+!*^ A*^$#
    Pardon my qwerty.

    What is it with the liberal left and their sanctimonious nonsense?

    Seriously, do stupid people like this really think that the grown-ups in the room won’t fact check their incoherent rubbish, absolute absurdity or the truly ridiculous crap that they spew as gospel and truth?

    So, is he going to join Julian Assange in his UK sponsored, Embassy cupboard?

    I would like to see just one instance of idiot hippies like this upsetting the USSR, or for that matter, anything not centre or centre right in philosophy, where you actually survived upsetting the ‘Powers That Be’.™

    The last time I heard of something like this, in China, it ended sadly with Battle Tanks and a lot of people forcefully accepting early retirement.
    As has been noted, the Battle Tanks won.

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