5 thoughts on “Australian Greens Leader Calls for Inevitable “Global Governance”

  1. “With a carbon tax we put an end to poverty”

    How much more clear is this that this is all about wealth re-distribution with an elite class on top overseeing the rest of us slaves?

  2. Trevor, I was wondering how long it would take you to get that video up! Suffice it to say tomorrow will not be a good day in Australian history! The most incompetent dopes assume the balance of power in the Senate- the kids are being handed the keys to the car! I just hope Joowya’s minority government falls sometime this year before they can implement their stupid carbon tax- a double dissolution election now would destroy both Labor and the Greens! Bob Brown, at present the de facto Prime Minister, is probably the biggest menace in this country’s history!

  3. I have been following the stories of these world class nut cases; they are communists and social progressives to the extreme, being driven by dead ideology, dead history, and theories that time and again have been proven to NEVER WORK other than causing death in the extremes of humanity nightmares made reality.

    Wake up world, this is the nightmare they want, with no religion other than that approved by them, no freedoms, no advancement, no identity other than what they decide for you in the end.

    In short, they be the bosses and rule by fiat, while we are to be the ‘unwashed, uneducated, unenlightened masses.”

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