Congressional Progressive Caucus Pushes Communist Inspired “Jobs” Scam

The Communist Party USA has been calling for massive government jobs programs for many months now.

Socialist Rep. Jan Schakowsky announces her "Jobs Bill" in Chicago

Their ally in the White House and the Congressional Progressive Caucus are doing their best to give the communists what they want.

Congressional Progressive Caucus  Co-Chairs Reps. Raúl Grijalva and Keith Ellison were joined by colleagues Jan Schakowsky, Lynn Woolsey, John Conyers, Charlie Rangel, Jim McDermott and Barbara Lee on September 13 to introduce the Rebuild the American Dream Framework and emergency jobs legislation.

The Framework is the result of the Speak Out for Good Jobs Now! Rebuild the American Dream tour, which many CPC members joined for events around the country throughout the summer. Thousands of Americans participated in the listening tour and had a chance to tell their stories. Caucus members collected these stories and brought them back to Washington in September, where they synthesized them into the Rebuild the American Dream Framework.

The Framework outlines six areas of focus for immediate and long term job creation: Make it in America Again, Rebuild America, Lead the Green Industrial Revolution, Jobs for the Next Generation, Not Just Jobs – Good Jobs, and Fair Taxes – Shared Sacrifice.

“Progressives have been saying all year that jobs should be our first priority. While Republicans blame working families and Social Security, the country has waited impatiently for a serious conversation about how we really help the American people get back to work,” Rep. Grijalva said. “This is the beginning of that conversation, and as far as I’m concerned it couldn’t have waited a minute longer. The next step is putting together a meaningful job creation package that matches the scope of the unemployment crisis we’re facing. Millions of Americans are ready and willing to work – the question now is whether the government will step up to provide opportunities where the private sector, acting alone, has not.”

Note the myriad new “Corps” that this plan would create.

This is basically a new version of the Communist controlled Works Progress Administration of the 1930s.

This scam is designed to funnel billions of dollars into leftist controlled organizations, which will then agitate for still more government handouts and socialism. It will also provide the Democrats with hundreds of thousands of voters and campaigners dependent on the government for their livelihood.

These schemes have vry little to do with putting Americans back to work. They are merely a means by which the Democrats and communist party can force the US taxpayer to subsidize their own enslavement.


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12 thoughts on “Congressional Progressive Caucus Pushes Communist Inspired “Jobs” Scam

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  2. Trey Smith Blog

    Wow, I love your site, big thank you to these ideas, and note in the first place that I fully agree with you! Let me emphasize, yes your article was excellent, I was thinking about all this and more the other day. This is my very first comment here and I’ll come back with pleasure on this blog!

  3. These jobs are nothing but scams. The only people that I see everyday to get hired by the Big Brother (or) Big Sister, is my neighbors, all them was unemployed, black people most of them, and now all they are working for Big Sister. They work as this: NEIGHBOR-SPY-NEIGHBOR and tell Big Brother what they are doing, stalking them every where. They are stalking me everywhere and later they get (SECRET) pay. People that was begging me for a dime in the store for to buy their drugs, now are going to the store spending every day and has more money than me SSI, I am serious about this. This black mafia in Bronson, Florida, is getting paid by Cia for to spy in us. Hundred of them became secret police of State, and are waiting until Bronson has a riot.

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