2 thoughts on “Van Jones: Our Civilization is Fueled by Death

  1. This guy is somewhat drunk on the Marxist philosophy. Listening to him is painful but a must to keep an eye on him. This is suppose to be an educated man. I see nothing of the sort. What is worse is all the people that admire all that he says. GOD help them.

  2. And Van Jones pulls dead ideas out of his ass and attempts to sell them to “HIS PEOPLE” as enlightenment and proof that he has all the answers. Hey we got us a GREEN Al Sharpton!

    Listen to Van Jones and you can look to Spain to see where you’ll be in 5 Years. Green Energy, like Anthrophomorphic Global Warming has been Debunked, just waitin’ for ya’all to dig the Gotre/Jones Excrement out of your eqrs so you can hear the Truth.

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