The Soviet Story – A Must-See For All Students Of History

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If you want to know the back story of the Ukrainian revolution, The Soviet Story tells exactly what happened to Ukraine during the Soviet era – and a lot more.

It’s the best educational film on the nature of communism, which should be shown to all high school students in America to immunize them against the lure of the “great” utopia. However, I doubt most teachers will do so in today’s political climate.

This 2008 documentary tells the story of the anti-human ideology the way I see it myself. That was rather surprising, because in today’s “progressive” media climate, such views are an anathema.

We definitely need a climate change!

That the author of this film and I share the same views is not a coincidence. Edvīns Šnore is a fellow ex-Soviet – a Latvian director who did a great job documenting the evils of communism with the support of some of his European colleagues.

The Soviet Story starts with a question I also raised many times: while the swastika is universally recognized as a symbol of evil and hate, why does the hammer-and-sickle emblem, which is just as bad, get a free pass? The answer apparently lies in the fact that there has never been a version of the Nuremberg Trial for communism, which still has a lot of sympathizers in high places of power around the world, including the United States.

When this film came out, one of our Cubists posted a trailer and a link to the DVD. Today the full movie can be seen online on YouTube and other video sites.

Below is the full film in two parts, with English subtitles for some foreign-language segments. I had previously posted a one-part YouTube video, which lacked subtitles. You can still view it here. Or you can buy the DVD to play it on big screen at an event or in a classroom.


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