MUST VIEW! Rep. Allen West: Defense in a Time of Economic Danger

This is why Allen West should be next president of  the United States.

Allen West explains that America’s economic problems are essentially a SECURITY issue.  West is the only presidential contender who is willing to address this problem.

This is not just the greatest issue now facing America, it is the greatest SINGLE ISSUE facing the entire FREE WORLD.

Note that West calls for Congressional security hearings.  A must!


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13 thoughts on “MUST VIEW! Rep. Allen West: Defense in a Time of Economic Danger

  1. Lt. Col West – it is my hope that you will run for president. I like the others feel that you are our only hope for this county. I cannot bring myself to vote for any of the other candidates, save Sarah Palin, who I think is on the same conservative page as you are and who would consider a vP spot. Obama is a corrupt fraud who has lead this country a third world path. Please consider running for president and throw in your hat now – before it is too late – there are many of us out there who will help you…

  2. Congressman West –

    You have impressed me since the first time I saw you on a video. You have intelligence, courage & integrity, all of which are almost non-existent today in politicians. Another rare quality you possess is a certain “presence” that I believe is a result of having integrity & courage. (I don’t see this quality in any of the current Presidential candidates). It is very refreshing to listen to you talk about anything, even the difficult subjects. You address it head-on & have facts & figures to back up whatever statement you make. As far as I’m concerned, all future Presidents should have to have military experience, which you do. You are the perfect person at the perfect time. I will also be glad to knock on doors or whatever needs to be done, in order to help you get elected. Please seriously consider running for President of this country that I love. We need you!

  3. Col West, You have my respect!

    In a nutshell, you have made clear that the Chinese Communist regime abuses the free trade to accumulate a huge trade surplus not to be used for the betterment of its nationals but to defeat America economically, towards a subsequent military defeat.

    This fits what the Bible has predicted: The beast (a regime, not a human) would use trading (“buy and sell”) to press (“force”) every nation (“everyone”), small and great, rich and poor, free and slave to praise it (“forehead” signifies thinking) or to obey it (“right hand” signifies action).

    The beast is stealth and disguised, showing only lamb’s horns. But it speaks like a dragon. Do you know which nation has claimed to be the descendant of Dragon?

    An extra clue for identifying the beast is the number contained in its name. “Hua” the Chinese word most commonly used to designate “Chinese” is consisted of 6 strokes; and the Chinese word for “Communist” is “Gong Chan”, made of two Chinese characters each having 6 stokes. Do the arithmetics and we have 666.

  4. Col. West, please, for the love of God and Country, run for President of the United States of America. I will campaign door to door in Idaho for you and so will millions of veterans like me. You sir, will win!
    Run, Run, Run!

  5. Col. West….From the day I saw you at a Tea Party rally in Florida, is was duly impressed. Even before your win, I knew you were the man I wanted as my Commander-in-Chief!

    Please do not the the US become inconsequential on the world stage. Only you can save our republic with your sense of honor, duty and commitment.

    1. Sorry about the spelling mistakes. I was in a hurry to post and didn’t double check my “words!”

  6. What is most attractive about West is that he is a tried and proven PATRIOT, not a “poltician”. We don’t need any more “politicdians” (another word for “prostitute”) running our government.

  7. Congressman West, you will definitedly get my vote if you run for president! None of the other possible candidates are as qualified as you are. Please declare yourself as a candidate soon!

  8. The American people may not know much about Allen West except that he is an honorable person and that is all we need to know.

  9. As Susan says, You should run for president.
    Restore dignity and honor to the office,
    restore the Nation and the USA to it’s rightful place in the World …

  10. Dear Mr. West, If you don’t run for president you will never forgive yourself. I’v said it about 5 times already to you. You are our countrys only, I repeat ONLY hope. All the candidates out there combined don’t come close to your credentials and experiences. You will win if you just take the first steps.Time is short, you must act soon. I’ll bet that you Sir, are the next President of the United States! I CAN’T WAIT!

  11. I can only hope he will run for POTUS and make it; we need here in the USA a congress and President with the guts to make the hard choices, and the integrity to make it work. For America the storm is nearly here at hand, and we will pay the price for it, yet there is still the greatest of hope and potential as well…I see it and feel it, I can only pray others do as well.

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