3 thoughts on “Atlas Is Shrugging

  1. I read “Atlas Shrugged” when I was too young to really appreciate its message. I’ve read again recently and I realized Ayn Rand’s prescience. The content is as if it were written ‘yesterday’. It chronicles what is going on and happening to America by the doings of the Progressive left that Obama now epitomizes. I saw Part One of the Movie and it is a gem. It is a well done masterpiece. The plan to release Part Two next year and Part Three in 2013 will dilute its message and weaken its impact. I believe this decision is because of the financial hardship on the personal financer. However I hope there is a way to accelerate the making and showing of the final Parts.

    This movie should be presented in its complete form to impress and instruct those who blindly follow the mainstream as the public also does in the book. They are mindless sponges soaking up the garbage that Progressives have been spilling on them for years. As in the book, they are destroying America the most prosperous and advantageous Country the world has ever seen.

    John Galt in the book is the Tea Party of today.

    I urge the producers to finish all of the film before the 2012 elections. I realize the financial problem but we all can help by attending the movie theaters showing the film.
    It is a good movie far superior to the garbage coming out of main stream Hollywood.

    See “Atlas Shrugged”. You won’t be disappointed.

    And “NO”, I am not affiliated in any way with this movie. I love America and hate to see it being dismantled and destroyed by people who hate it.

  2. I saw “Atlas”. It was gripping..worthy of a second viewing. I cannot wait for the second part. I have told my friends it is a must see. The first five minutes looks like today’s news. It is staring into the abyss and wondering if we will survive. Most people seem oblivious. Some refuse to see or hear. We ,who have our ear to the ground,are in the minority,I think. How can we be the anchor for so many?

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