1 thought on “Explosive Bill Ayers Interview: John McCain is a War Criminal & the Pentagon is a Terror Organization

  1. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Bill Ayers calls John McCain a war criminal while the communism he advocates has distinguished itself as the most barbaric government run mass murder machine and engine of human carnage in history.

    The Black Book of Communism has documented 100 million murders attributed to communism, not to mention the countless millions of lives ruined by arbitrary incarceration in gulags of those “suspected” to be “enemies of the state”.

    Even the nazis “only” murdered 25 million in comparison. The B.B. of C. reveals that the nazis adopted their extermination techniques from Stalins gulags, which they considered the most efficient system of mass murder known.

    The US Senate estimated that communism is responsible for more deaths DURING PEACETIME (35 – 37 million) than all the wars in history COMBINED!

    Why isn’t communism (dwarfing the French Revolution’s “Reign of terror”) being villified even as much as the nazis in light of its record?

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