5 thoughts on “Bill Whittle: “Sarah Palin Was Right”

  1. Harry Reid let the cat out of the bag – obamacare is just a step towards their goal of “single payer”, code for socialized health care. Communism IS, by definition, “social insurance”. It’s not about health care, it’s about people control.

    1. Mr Obama mentioned this to his SEIU Union people way back in 2007, sporting a purple tie assuring them that single payer was the end
      result, but that they the Democrats would have to capture the Oval
      office and both houses and maybe struggle for ten years before it
      would come about.
      ObamaCare is redistribution of wealth, diversity in all the many divisions of the law, reparations, remember Obama was against reparations, “it wasn’t enough,”and POWER in every aspect of our lives. And don’t forget that he is sticking his fingers in both our eyes to show how how clever he is in his megalomania way.

      Lucy Brown

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