One Nation Endorser also Endorsed 10:10 Advert

Supporters of the One Nation rally on 10/2 included Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, United Methodist Church, International Socialist Organization, Obama for America (Organizing for America), your favorite actor, Communist-sympathiser Danny Glover, and the organization. is the same company that endorsed the ‘No Pressure’ eco-terrorism ad campaign. The advert is a human extermination-advocating video which graphically portrays terrorism, child murder and genocide all in the name of environmentalism. Watch the video below (warning: very graphic content) has subsequently denounced the advert, stating that they had not seen it before it was released on the internet. They have since parted ways with the 10:10 initiative, stating that the video was “diametrically opposed to everything we and this movement stands for”.

Hat-tip: Sad Hill News


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4 thoughts on “One Nation Endorser also Endorsed 10:10 Advert

  1. Marx’s theory necessitates a government that is free from corruption and negates the possibility of elitism within its ranks. If history has shown anything, it is that power corrupts fallen mankind, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. A nation or government may kill the idea of God, but someone will take God’s place. That someone is most often an individual or group who begins to rule over the population and seeks to maintain their privileged position at all costs. Mao Ze-Dong killed 49M-78M people,Jozet Stalin killed 23M(the purges plus Ukraine’s famine), Pol Pot 1.7M,Kim II Sung 1.6M

    How has Africa prospered since the end of Colonialism and Apartheid?As bad as they were not very well,in fact it is worse off today.Zimbabwe is a good example.Why? because of corruption and the dictators listed below. A “dictator” is a head of state who exercises arbitrary authority over the lives of his citizens and who cannot be removed from power through legal means. The worst commit terrible human-rights abuses. This present list draws in part on reports by global human-rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, Reporters Without Borders and Amnesty International. While the three worst from 2005 have retained their places, two on last year’s list (Muammar al-Qaddafi of Libya and Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan) have slipped out of the Top 10—not because their conduct has improved but because other dictators have gotten worse.
    From a Christian perspective, the basis of private property rests in our being created in God’s image. We can make choices over property that we can exchange in a market system. But sometimes the desire for private property grows out of our sinfulness. Correspondingly, our sinful nature also produces laziness, neglect, and slothfulness. The fact of the matter is that economic justice can best be achieved if each person is accountable for his own productivity.Ask your questions at .

    Historically, capitalism has had a number of advantages. It has liberated economic potential. It has also provided the foundation for a great deal of political and economic freedom. When government is not controlling markets, then there is economic freedom to be involved in a whole array of entrepreneurial activities. Capitalism has also led to a great deal of political freedom, because once we limit the role of government in economics, we limit the scope of government in other areas. It is no accident that most of the countries with the greatest political freedom usually have a great deal of economic freedom. However, Christians cannot and should not endorse every aspect of capitalism. For example, many proponents of capitalism hold a view known as utilitarianism, which is opposed to the notion of biblical absolutes. Certainly, we must reject this philosophy. Also, there are certain economic and moral issues that must be addressed. Though there are some valid economic criticisms of capitalism such as monopolies and the byproduct of pollution, these can be controlled by limited governmental control. And when capitalism is wisely controlled, it generates significant economic prosperity and economic freedom for its people.

    One of the major moral arguments against capitalism is greed, which is why many Christians feel unsure about the free enterprise system. Critics of capitalism contend that this system makes people greedy. But then we must ask whether capitalism makes people greedy or do we already have greedy people who use the economic freedom of the capitalistic system to achieve their ends? In light of the biblical description of human nature (Jeremiah 17:9), the latter seems more likely. Because people are sinful and selfish, some are going to use the capitalist system to feed their greed. But that is not so much a criticism of capitalism as it is a realization of the human condition. The goal of capitalism is not to change people but to protect us from them. Capitalism is a system in which bad people can do the least harm and good people have the freedom to do good works. Capitalism works well with completely moral individuals. But it also functions adequately with selfish and greedy people.

    It’s important to realize that there is a difference between self-interest and selfishness. All people have self-interests which can operate in ways that are not selfish. For example, it is in our self-interest to get a job and earn an income so that we can support our family. We can do that in ways that are not selfish. By contrast, other economic systems such as socialism ignore the biblical definitions of human nature. As a result, they allow economic power to be centralized and concentrate power in the hands of a few greedy people. Those who complain of the influence major corporations have on our lives should consider the socialist alternative where a few governmental bureaucrats control every aspect of our lives.

    Though greed does rear its ugly head in the capitalist system, we have to understand it’s not because of the system—it’s because it is part of man’s sinful nature. The true solution lies not in changing the economic system, but in changing the heart of man through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    The United Methodist Church ,especially the General Board Of Global Ministries/General Board Of Church And Society/Women’s Division left wing political activism has hurt our Church. How did the Church get to this point-Infiltration of Social Gospel and liberation theology into our Church polity and the acceptance of moral and cultural relativism.

  2. The radical left (communists, fascists, socialists and Marxist/leninists) are getting better at hiding their agenda and bringing people into their tent. They oppose racism (at least where it benefits them) and will embrace any belief or theology that gets you on their side. But in this video they lifted the covers and gave us a better idea of what they want to keep secret. I'm sure somewhere some crazy left wing radical is catching hell as a result of creating this video. But the important thing is that it gives you a peek into their heart.

  3. This is what happens to dissenters when communism takes over. They call the following lack of dissent "peace".

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