Go Christine

Christine O’Donnell is a Tea Party endorsed candidate for US Senate in Delaware against Democrat leftist Chris Coons.

The left have smeared her relentlessly, because they know she is a woman of principle and consequently a threat to their agenda.

Hope she wins. Send her some money if you can. She’s you.


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5 thoughts on “Go Christine

  1. I sent her money. If She wins, she's sworn in immediately. Could end the Dems chance of passing more marxist laws during the lame duck.

  2. Reading this blog, those pinko liberals want to take away Americans constitutional rights and make the country a Stalinist outpost (or words to the effect)

    Enter stage left ‘the great redeemer’ – some weirdo chick who wants to ban wanking?

    On this one I have to say – give me those bleeding-heart liberals who are fighting for the rights for people to self-indulge in the comfort of their own homes – any day!

    Still it could be worse.

    After-all it’s not as if she’s a pagan, atheist witch or anything, eh?

    See ya Trev.


    PS: Is the Republican Party policy to ban masturbation only applicable to males? Lisa was asking, thats all.

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