Allen West on an Incident in Iraq

Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret.) is standing for Congress in an heavily Democratic District in Florida.

Despite that, he has a very real chance of victory.

While serving in Iraq, Lt. Col. West got into some trouble over the way he interrogated a prisoner.

Here is his side of the story.

Now tell me, do you now think more or less of the man?

If its more – I’m sure his campaign could always do with a few extra dollars.


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12 thoughts on “Allen West on an Incident in Iraq

  1. Compare his record to Kerry's. No question who was selfish and who was concerned for others.

    Col. West will make a marvelous public servant.

    I don't have much money. Never have. But I sent the only check I've ever sent a politician to this man — and I haven't lived in South Florida since 1975.

    God Bless him; God Bless Trevor for posting; God Restore the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

  2. Thank you for your service.


    “Freedom of Speech The Last Words I May Be Allowed To Utter!”

    Lyle Hensley
    Enjoying Every Breath
    Retired US Army
    1957 – 1978

  3. Go WEST!!
    Obama can't hold a candle…
    I just KNOW there are more men out there like him!! Come out of the woodwork dammit!!

  4. Lt. Col. West is truly an honorable man…rare indeed…Thank you for your service…God Bless you and your family!

  5. Wow. Lt. Col. West has to defend THAT? We've dumbed down war and interrogation that much! Unbelieveable how the liberals in Washington are using the military for its petri dish of social experimentation and chickification. We need to fight to win. Period. Minimize collateral damage when possible, but never at the expense of our boys. I like this guy.

  6. Grovetown, Georgia. A Veterian myself. Col. West a real American with honor and courage. Standing firm for his men and their family. We need Col. West in our govermnet. A real leader with backbone.


  7. they wonder why we are having trouble progressing in afganistan. because our mens hands are tied by obama rules that are put there to hurt our own troops. if they let patreus fight like a real soldier knows how too ala mr. col.west we would be kicking butt. we are the only ones who ever play by rules. the only rule is there are no rules in war.war is not nice or fair. god bless our troops.

  8. There are still true American heros and I appaud him for having his priorities straight. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

  9. This is what you call having your principles and beliefs in the correct perspective. His career was not as important as his men and their lives.

    We need more potential statesmen like Col. West.

  10. Please support Col. West. I don't live in Florida, but Col. West is the kind of person we need in Congress, so I have contributed what I can.

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