Some Good News From Cuba

From Prensa Latina.

Washington, Aug 14 (Prensa Latina) For the first time since assuming the presidency Barack Obama confronts criticisms of the majority of US citizens over his management of government, revealed a survey.

A survey by Rasmussen company reveals that 52 percent of those interviewed questioned the work of the president while 47 percent support him.

Continuation of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the economic crisis and his proposal to reform the system of national health are some points against Obama, according to several press media.


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6 thoughts on “Some Good News From Cuba

  1. I do not think it is parochial to suggest that more local content appropriate.
    WWallace might have things round the wrong way I suspect.NZ has done more to affect the USA than the other way around.NZ only last year cost the US taxpayer 9 billion dollars in bailout money.NZ is the one pushing this whole Pacific Union crap right down the USAs mouth, this will change Americas strategic position in the Pacific forever.The upcoming P4 agrement will dynamically change American trade practise and policymaking, dear old NZ has done this to you .ANZUS was ruptured by NZ, and subsequently exoposed the US to USSR making substantial strategic gains where otherwise she could have been contained.
    The trouble with Americans is they are too inward looking and think the world revolves around them without seeking to identify first and foremost why is America being forced to give ground everywhere, mostly it is because dear old friends like NZ have sold you up shit creek.
    NZ is an enabler and an accomplice to your enemies grand vision to remake the world without American power or influence.
    There is an old Chinese saying that needs mention, You cannot know anything until you know everything.
    If you are looking at NZ and think you know anything about her ,you are most likely to be wrong, NZers are just better liars than people would give them credit for.What else could a thoroughly indoctrinated socialist peoples be but liars.Even the ones in NZ pretending to barrack against socialism are all socialist anyway, they just do not admit it ,even to themselves.
    We are all communist and we do not even realise, how magnificent.

  2. WWallace says "if Obama is sucked in by the global warming alarmists at Copenhagen in Dec, you can bet that your pocket will eventually be paying more taxes as a result!"

    Obama needs 67 Senators (two-thirds of the Senate) to ratify any deal made in Copenhagen. That will not happen.

    Global warming alarmism may seem like it is alive but in reality it is dead. Only fool nations will reduce their carbon emissions.

  3. Don't be so parochial, Anonymous[1]. Write your own blog, if you object to the content here.

    Besides, what happens in USA affects NZ — so it is of concern. Eg, if Obama is sucked in by the global warming alarmists at Copenhagen in Dec, you can bet that your pocket will eventually be paying more taxes as a result!

  4. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Where is the local content?

    All your blog focusses on is boring American stuff. I wish your blog had something like the TVNZ charter and we could enforce local content quotas.

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