Towards a Latin American Socialist Fortress?

From the Communist Party of Australia’s Guardian 31.05.06

The leaders of the governments of Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil have met to plan one of the most ambitious and important gas pipelines to bring a new energy source to a number of countries on the continent of Latin America.

The project will bring gas supplies from Venezuela (and now Bolivia) to Brazil and Argentina and then on to Uruguay. Venezuela possesses the largest reserves of natural gas in South America and the Grand Southern Gas Pipeline, as it is being called, is estimated to create more than one million jobs in Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina.

The pipeline will run for 8,000 kilometres and is a major project in terms of its engineering as it will pass through vastly different terrains characterised by mountains, rivers, pastoral lands and high and low temperatures.

Not only will it create jobs but will enable the countries involved to replace oil projects with the much less polluting natural gas. It will also save the countries considerable costs in energy as gas is cheaper than oil. The estimated cost of the project is between US$17 and US$20 billion in total and will take five to seven years to complete.


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6 thoughts on “Towards a Latin American Socialist Fortress?

  1. I completely agree heine those corrupt governments that spend all their money on wars, getting their nations into trillions of dollars of debt should be overthrown.

  2. That is a nice and peachy picture you have painted Liberty, but we all know that isn’t the case.

    Where has this ever worked, that a radical hardcore revolutionary has “shared” the wealth with the people and not squandered it away for himself or worse, piss it all away on grand schemes or enormous military growth?

  3. personally, anything that decreases demand on arab oil, and decreases demand accordingly is AOK in my books. This will generate a new level of prosperity in these developing nations. Real wealth will result from this investment. With this wealth will come an expansion in these countries respective middle classes. They will then demand more freedoms, and their combined improved economies will drive a new level of demand for capitalisms true benefits, namely private property, rule of law, and democracy.

  4. Imagine those people thinking tey can choose who to sell their gas to!

    Don’t they know that under free market rules that is up to us?

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