Why Horowitz is "Thrilled"

David Horowitz on the growing American patriotic insurgency.

Personally, I am thrilled with what is happening now in the conservative movement – our aggressive media like Fox and talk radio, the emergence of enraged conservative masses – the tea baggers – as leftist half-wits like to dismiss them. It is this energized, unapologetic, in-your-face (but also civilized and intelligent) conservative base on whom the future not only of the movement but the country depends.

I’m thrilled too, because the future of the Western Civilization depends on it.

That includes New Zealand of course.


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14 thoughts on “Why Horowitz is "Thrilled"

  1. "DSA's several thousand strong membership has grown incresingly militant over the years until the point its policies are almost indistinguishable from those of the Communist Party USA."

    So they obviously aren't very militant then.

  2. I apologise on behalf of all New Zealanders for 'nice' Guy Steve.

    We aren't all like that!

    He's a little touched in the head!!


  3. Jewish conservatives are on the rise and they are very excellent at enlightening us.Horowitz is not alone.My only complaint is that he gave no credit to the folks in America who were alarmed at the article II section I violation. That is a NATIONAL SECURITY issue carefully thought out by the Framers to avoid loyalty/allegiance issues.Now watch this guy trashing America's defenses!
    The Framers were right and so are the BIRTHERS!
    The cracks are appearing.The tenacious and zany It's a MAD MAD MAD world thrust into the judiciary I believe will eventually yield fruit.I suggest those here spend some time on Leo Donofrio's blog.Natural Born Citizen.They are boxing in the Hawaii officials using statutes on releasing birth records….that is to say those which have been "amended". Pour a glass of wine and enjoy.

  4. Lee: He's saying he's smarter and better than everyone who doesn't agree with him and that we should all get a clue. So instead of "changing the channel" he is insulting all around him and ostracizing himself. rather than having a reasonable discussion on facts, he's falling back on sophomoric speech crafted to make himself look intelligent and others unreasonable hicks.
    These people are better left ignored

  5. Steve Nice Guy Northland – I don't understand what you're saying. Just write it in a normal logical fashion and give me a chance to grasp what your point is, thanks.

  6. Sorry to be tiresome chaps…..but Horowitz a confused fellow in his xxxth incarnation who used to be a commie/anarchist whatever….dines out on it unreasonably I think…..but at the end of the day the essential him is a dirty old zionist…..the sort I call Holocaust Nazis.

  7. Dear Kelvin,

    Don't pine darling…..once we used to invite "the" Maori into our homes. "The" communist pales against that.

    "Tragic for the white race and non-communists !" I hear you say…..well go and spit on Obama's picture…..or eat Rodney Hide's toilet paper…..but for your own sake…..get over it ! Child…..

  8. Our "aggressive" right wing media like Fox…..what ?

    You mongrels have been dining out on "fair and balanced" forever.

    What's happened…..?

    Have ny'all changed your so-called minds…..or have you ya been lying all along…..?

    I'm an accomplished betting man. Give mme odds on the latter…. right-wing silly person.

    Go Glennis Beck !

    Kia kaha…..kia kaha…..Obama !!!

  9. It is sad to see the marxism supporting John Key kissing up to the communist Obama and according to 3News, even wanting to invite the communist to New Zealand.

  10. I've been thinking that lately too – that the fate of the world rests in the hands of a few bloggers who are willing to dig deeper, uncover the truth and let the world know.

    The job the media should be doing, and should have been doing, and failed, utterly failed to do.

    Just know – we know what you are doing and we appreciate it, and we stand with you – let's hope it is enough.

  11. In my opinion, David Horowitz is the premiere thinker of the conservative movement in America. Horowitz understands that the forces of freedom must wage an insurgency against the statism and transnational socialism that has become both fashionable and formidable in the West.

    Horowitz also is Jewish and that confounds those that claim that transnational socialism is a Jewish plot. Horowitz is just another Jewish overachiever and fortunately he believes in classical American values.

    Live long and prosper David Horowitz. Those who value liberty and freedom throughout the world support you.

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