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It’s 25 years since the Springbok Rugby Tour of NZ. The left has created the myth that the disgraceful violence, vandalism and thuggery perpetrated by many anti Tour activists was motivated by noble ideals and should be excused, or even glorified.

Many old lefties regard their court convictions from that time as some kind of badge of honour.

The anti Tour movement did attract many who were appalled by Apartheid and thought that holding up traffic and obstructing footpaths in NZ, would teach the ” dirt-tee ricist Afrikaners” a lesson.

However the leadership of the Anti Tour movement was almost exclusively Marxist-Leninist and was motivated by more by the dream of a socialist South Africa than a non racist one.

Many of those who were so allegedly anti racist over South Africa went on to help build the Maori Apartheid movement in NZ.

Why, because to transform South African society, you had to destroy its underpinning philosophy, Apartheid.

To revolutionise NZ’s non racist society, the opposite had to occur. Apartheid had to be built in NZ. To a Marxist-Leninist there is no contradiction here. A revolution takes whatever it takes.

What amazes me is how pious a lot of these old anti Tour people are. You’d think they’d marched with Gandhi or helped Wilberforce free the slaves the way they go on.

I thought I might devote some space in the next week to profiling some prominent anti Tour activists (Pious Radicals Against The Tour)and some of the organisations involved.

As I know I will be asked, yes I did support the tour and would again. I wore my little green badge throughout, but beyond some letters to the editor, did nothing practical for the cause.

Why? Though I was a conservative then, I strongly believed in free markets and that all people are individuals and should not be categorised by race. I believed that Apartheid was on its way out in South Africa and that market forces and public opinion would gradually finish it off.

However I was very much aware that the ANC was controlled by the South African Communist Party and therefore the Soviet Union. Their rivals, the Pan African Congress and Steve Biko’s Black Concioussness Movement of Azania were Maoist leaning.

Therefore I was not about to support any ANC/PAC/BCMA power grab. I was also not about to support Marxist-Leninist radicals trying to bring my country to its knees.

At that time I didn’t give a stuff about the rugby, I wanted to support the anti revolutionary forces in South Africa and the right of law abiding Kiwis to go about their business in peace.

My only regret is that I didn’t do more to support what I believed in when I had the opportunity.


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9 thoughts on “P.R.A.T.T.S. R Here

  1. “I then ask what they did to protect NZ pulling out of the Moscow Olympics? always the answer is nothing……..”

    anonymous, don’t judge the strength of other’s political views on the basis of whether or not they protested something. Protest is typically a left wing/radical reaction; it’s not the only way to express a political opinion.

    I oppossed NZ going to the Moscow Olympics but as a supporter of freedom of association I wasn’t going to try and prevent other New Zealanders from doing something lawful just because I disagreed with it, and thereby violating their right to freedom of association.

    Today that’d be known as forcing your views down someone else’s throat – something the left regularly accuse Christians and conservatives of doing.

    However this never stopped the anti-tour mob from forcing their views on others. But then when you’ve convinced yourself you’ve got the moral high ground you can justify pretty much anything.

  2. I for one was very anti NZ going to the Moscow Olympics. Just as I would have been anti sending an NZ team to the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

    I have no problem with people expressing diaapproval with Apartheid etc, the beef I have with the anti Springbok Tour people is the thuggery and violence they employed and their blatant lying when denying Marxist-Leninist control of teir movement.

    By the way, I don’t think NZ Cricket should have toured Zimbabwe and I don’t think we should go to the Beijing Olympics. I won’t be lying on any tarmacs to to stop the planes though.

  3. I always find it funny, when talking to pro-tour people, how strong their views of freedom of assoc / politic out of sport etc etc are. I then ask what they did to protect NZ pulling out of the Moscow Olympics? always the answer is nothing……..

  4. Yes, and there were similarities in New Zealand with the white New Zealand policy.

    The Left in NZ are very familiar with the racism and nationalism that rolled around in unions in the early 20th Century.

    Some unions, such as the Labour Party aligned EPMU, still trot out utter racist nationalism – eg, planes being fixed in China.

    It’s just the Labour Party, who you refer to as the Left, and who communist internationalists certainly don’t, who aren’t prepared to recognise the utter colonial racism and authoritarian nationalism that existed within the political Left and Right NZ mainstream of last and this century.

  5. Apatheid was created by an alliance between left wing marxist trade unions trying to protect jobs for whites and nationalists wanting Boers in control.A police state was the result.Its the dirty little secret that Leftists don’t want people to know…

  6. You are kidding anon (1) right?

    Atareta Poananga on Eye to Eye said not once, but twice that Maori are incapable of being racist. What a nutter.

    What next?

  7. The tour showed the disturbing nature of some New Zealanders.

    Some elements were prepared to use violence and destroy property to prevent other New Zealanders from undertaking a lawful activity.

    The left attempted to justify their action on the grounds that they were trying to secure rights for black South Africans but in the process they totally ignored the rights of New Zealanders to freely associate with others for lawful purposes.

    Media coverage always focuses on the motivation and stories of the protestors. Tour supporters are portrayed as ignorant rednecks. The question of New Zealanders’ right to freedom of association is barely ever raised.

  8. John Minto and Atareta Poananga were on the Eye to Eye television show last week and their arguments were excellent. The anti-tour and anti-apartheid movement brought racist issues to the fore in New Zealand, yet there’s still a long way to go until the problems in this colonial state are rectified.

    It is a shame that Atareta didn’t make it into Parliament. However, any chance of the bureaucrat Horomia, who has sold his people down the drain, winning Ikaroa Rawhiti next time should be slim.

    The two men on the other side of the Eye to Eye debate were absolute dumb fucks. A really simple, reactionary analysis – a bit like those who suggest we just leave social and economic policy up to the “free market”.

    Get a grip. We all know who would benefit from that – the same freaks on the Rich List and the top 250 wealthiest who control 40% of the country’s wealth. Makes me puke!

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