Labour’s Never Ending PCness Strikes Again

From Newstalk ZB

Sunday schools seem set for the chopping block. Education Minister Chris Carter has confirmed that a gathering of three children under adult supervision constitutes an early childhood education unit, so must be fully licensed. That would see Sunday schools follow gym creches into oblivion.

National Party Associate Education spokeswoman Paula Bennett says that is silly, as often parents are in the same building or just next door. She says parents know what is best for their children.

Paula Bennett says Sunday schools are perfectly safe environments, where parents know exactly what their children are doing.


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2 thoughts on “Labour’s Never Ending PCness Strikes Again

  1. If Carter’s crusade is so righteous; if three, then why not two or even one?
    Because he couldn’t get away with that. It would be open advocacy of totalitarian control of parent-child interaction.
    Make no mistake. This dirtbag would be dictator-for-life if he could – unless Clark purged him first, that is!

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