Communist, Socialist, Debate Way Forward Under Obama

Here’s Carl Dix-a life long Maoist and a leader of the US Revolutionary Communist Party.

He’s touting an upcoming debate on the need for continuing revolutionary activity under Obama with Cornel West of Democratic Socialists of America.

Like most DSA members, West is an ardent Obamaphile and was in 2008, a member of Obama’s two man Black Advisory Council.

In broad terms, the US Ultra-left-Revolutionary Communist Party, Trotskyist splinter groups etc, regard Obama as just another capitalist ruler.

The extreme left-Communist Party USA, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Democratic Socialists of America, have worked with Obama for years and regard him as a friend.

That’s the essence of the US left Obama debate.

Is Obama just another capitalist ruler, or is he a genuine “progressive” who should be worked with to move the revolution forward?


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5 thoughts on “Communist, Socialist, Debate Way Forward Under Obama

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  2. These Mao/Stalin black revoluntaries just cannot get off their gravy train….NYC is such a cesspool of stupidity!

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