Deal Over Military Strike on Iran?

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Are certain Western interests doing a deal with Israel to allow an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities?

Finally Admitting The Obvious

Iran: Western officials are reportedly offering Israel a deal to support a military strike on Iran in exchange for Israeli concessions on a Palestinian state. Even diplomats now realize diplomacy won’t pre-empt nuclear terror.

A report in the Times of London on Thursday indicated that some European governments consider Israeli military action to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities so inevitable that they want to get what they can from Israel by jumping on the bandwagon ahead of time.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, according to diplomatic sources, offered “concessions on settlement policy, Palestinian land claims and issues with neighboring Arab states, to facilitate a possible strike on Iran.”

A British official said that under such an agreement between Israel and Western nations, an Israeli military operation could become a reality “within the year.”


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7 thoughts on “Deal Over Military Strike on Iran?

  1. Wow….you can see where the Zionist Holocaust Nazi Reid of America is coming from….the whole world owes Israel !

    Won't work you mad thing….

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  3. The Times of London seems to be emulating Seymour Hersh. There is virtually no chance Israel is seeking European or British approval to attack Iran. They have no military power in the area and can offer Israel no real assistance. Only the US has real military power in the region and has the ability to green light or terminate an Israeli attack.

    When the attack occurs it won't happen in the form the media is touting. There won't be a fighter squadron attack. The attack will feature a new weapon system, the Kamikaze drone.

    The British and Europeans are full of themselves if they think Israel needs or will even ask their approval. What difference would their approval or lack of it make?

  4. I have to admit to being quite skeptical about any EU type deal with Israel to to deal with the Iranians.First of all, the recent drama in Iran and the subsequent crushing of all public opposition to the president, was all made possible because Germany and Finland sold the Iranians the technology to monitor and track all modern means of communication within Iran and from without.Secondly ,Germany is probably the single most important source for all the high technology necessary for the enrichment of uranium.Germany and Russia are working together on this as they can because of their very special relationship.
    The USA quite some time ago quietly withdrew their carrier fleets and have shown weakness consistently to the Iranian regime since Hussein Obama has been in power.
    Israel should be very careful of entering into any sort of deal with those who have actively and persistently sought to destroy her nations pride and people.
    Israel has no real friends or allies now that USA is in the grip of a Malthusian idiot and his disciples.
    God Bless Israel is all one can really say.

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