"Urewera 17" Affadavit Posted On Net

The 155 page police affadavit on the “Urewera 17” has been posted on the internet.

It appears on a US based website in the name of the New Zealand Civil Liberties Union.

Can’t give you the link but a bit of patient Googling does wonders.


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8 thoughts on “"Urewera 17" Affadavit Posted On Net

  1. For those who missed downloading the NZ Secret Police Affidavit, perjured by Detective-Sergeant Pascoe in the Manukau District Court on October

    to wrongfully obtain search warrants, before the NZ Electronic Secret Police (the GCSB) hacked the NZ Civil Liberties Union website http://

    nzclu.org a few days ago, here are three new alternative links for downloading it:

  2. A United States-hosted website which published secret evidence about alleged military-style weapons training camps in the Ureweras has been closed down

  3. Reid The mainstream left ignores the issue or claims the police were too heavy handed.

    Mainstream Maori are silent. They either mildly sympathise with the radicals, are intimidated by the radicals, or don’t care.

    The MSM media mainly knock the cops and give the radicals fawning write ups.

    A couple have made a stand and have printed information they (legally)shouldn’t have.

    Generally their coverage has been shallow at best.

  4. there is lots of mainstream distrust of the way the police acted and the political nature and motiviation of helen clark and the SIS.

    can u provide some advice for finding that sight trevor? that affadavit isnt that easy to find

  5. As per usual, the mainstream Left (if that) are too far up Helen’s arse to express views of their own.

    What Helen says, they repeat.

  6. Trevor,

    You have blogged intensively on the radical left response to the Urewera 17 terror arrests. What has been the response of the mainstream left and mainstream Maori?

  7. hmm sounds like a total setup. I doubt the civil liberties people here would do this (under a name like that!) since they are calling for an police investigation into who leaked it…

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