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My anarchist comrades are gutted after learning that one of their key people, Christchurch activist Rob Gilchrist, was a long time police informer.

They’re letting it all hang out, on two threads on Indymedia

From the Police anti-terror squad spies on protest groups thread

by Anonymous

For fucks sake.

Your SORRY??

You have to be kidding?

You took the cash offered and didnt give a fuck about us all. To say you feel bad is total crap. I have known you for many years Rob and knew you didn’t fit from day one. But everyone else wanted to believe you were “heaven sent”. If you were not caught out by your friend you would still be taking to governments cash.

For myself mate I am pleased you have been stopped. And there is about to be a trial. There will be others like you and in fact there are others like you.

Gess Rob…your an arse hole. Sorry mate no amount of sorrys will help. There is a person who picked you out from day one, from the very 1st time he saw you. He is no longer with us now. We weren’t sure but he was sure you were a spy. Well done to that man. I am sure he is having a little chuckle to himself.

by Anonymous

Rob’s going to have to find a real job, now that he’s not getting that $600 a week.. Awwww!

by Anonymous

this is a guy that took great pleasure in spreading false rumors that good activists were police informants. what a fucking scum bag.


the damage you’ve done to good activists and the damage you’ve done to social justice movements (especially animal rights)is unforgivable. aside from the fact that you’ve been informing for the last ten years, the shit you’ve done in general is so completely fucked.

your a fucking piece of scum Rob and you better hope I don’t ever see your face again.

by Anonymous

never did trust that fucking slimy fuckwit!

by Anonymous

Shame rob I hope you die in a gutter

by Anonymous

“Gilchrist says he was by then increasingly unhappy about his police informer role and refused. He told the story of that recruitment attempt to the Star-Times, but did not, at that time, reveal the full extent of his double life.”

Absolute bullshit. He revealed the Thompson and Clark investigation to throw attention away from himself. It’s a classic bait and switch technique used in social engineering – if you’re a spy, you reveal another, and thus secure your place.

I was hell suspicious of him when I read that article earlier this year, but since so many years had gone by at that stage I scratched my head and thought, ‘that can’t be true’.

by Anonymous

Rob all I can say is that you got what you deserved you fucking scum bag.

by A Non E-Mouse

Well, I guess you’re off the xmas card list for this year.
by Asher

Come on, really? That’s a bit pathetic. I was relatively close friends with Rob for several years, and yeah this sucks arse, but there’s no point in revenge. Its a waste of our time that could be better spent focussing on any number of other things.

by Anonymous

In Soviet Aotearoa, balaclava spies on YOU!

by Anonymous

I hope Rob wasnt on the dole, cause $600 a week is a bit more than the allowed extra income.

by Anonymous

Hey Rob.

Fuck you asshole. I stood up for you when you where first accused, and you didn’t even bother hinting that I was putting my neck on the line with my new zealand friends by standing up for you.

You sold everyone out asshole, and worst of all you sold out people who actually cared about you , or at least the “Rob” whos story we learned about.

So what has this gained you. Your whole life was the people you where setting about destroying. The NZ left. And now you’ve lost them all. Your old freinds, your girl, your old life. You’ve probably lost your job too, because you aint got nothing now. New zealand is a tiny little country, and you’ll always be recognised as the fucking asshole who sold out his mates.

Congratulations Rob! Your now persona non grata.

I would never have sold you out, and on your shared sins, I still wont. But you sold us out. I hope you can live with betraying people that cared about you, man.

-You know who, from Perth.

by Anonymous

his current email addresses shoudl be removed from any and all email lists

by Anonymous

He also runs the NZActivism email list.

by Anonymous

Publicise the NZ Scanners thing. I’m sure that people would feel uncomfortable knowing that their website is being run by a paid police informant – possibly as an intelligence gathering exercise.

by Anonymous

Wonder how much this case had to do with all the in-fighting that’s been going on recently. It seems Rob’s taskmasters were taking an interest in people’s sexual relationships and factions.

by Anonymous

I fucking told you he was a prick and shouldn’t be trusted – he was ex-army for fuck’s sake! God you people are so gulliable. You haven’t got a bloody idea have you?

by Kerry

I’m ex-army as well, I can name at least three other anarchists in this country who are ex armed services. I got a feeling you’re the one without an idea

by Anonymous

He wasn’t ex-army, anyway – he lied about that.

by shagool

This is really upsetting. Its sometimes hard to catch out police spies. I remember a couple who approached us at a pub after a May day rally many years, covered with Lenin badges and asking random questions. Sniffed them out immediately.
I hope no one gets hurt out of this – and I dont mean Rob.

by perthite

Its more than upsetting, its heartbreaking. Some of us really cared for the guy, so this is just hurtful.

God I know I owe some people appologies for losing my shit at them when I first heard this allegation.

Fuck you rob.

– perth person.

by Anonymous

It’s strange that an organisation many of whose members are trained and regularly use force should spend so much time and money spying on good peaceful people just in case they should do exactly what ?

It’s strange that a cop here can chase a car driven by a paralytic drunk who’s identity is known at 160kmh on the wrong side of State Highway One on a Friday night into the path of an oncoming car maiming two innocent women and absolutely nothing happens.

It’s strange that a real Christchurch anarchist should die in his bed following a premature discharge from hospital and absolutely nothing happens.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

by Anonymous

Your weasel pigshit, Rob-don’t ever cross my path

by Anonymous
Nark is the word

Scab is another

by Anonymous

What the SIG seems to be is a carbon-copy of the German Governments ‘Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution’ or Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz.

Their mission is to apparently monitor extremists and paramilitary groups that pose a potential threat to Germany’s national interests. Even though extensive intelligence resources have been devoted to monitoring and destroying Neo-Nazi groups that are banned under German law, since Sept 12 2001 terror attacks in the US, Verfassungsschutz have gained themselves a serious obsession with leftest activist groups.

Verfassungsschutz main tasks have been bugging, infiltration and collecting publications of various groups. In fact one of the groups targetted by Verfassungsschutz is Indymedia.

But mostly they spend their time targetting left wing political parties.

How does that compare to NZ, well we dont have any left wing political parties of any substance other than the Greens. This country also has an Indymedia, Maori activists and tribes seeking autonomy, Animal Rights campaigners, environmental campaigners and some fractured factionalised socialist groups.

So it comes as no big surprise that the NZ Special Investigation Group although tasked with tracking links between overseas terrorist groups and their supporters in this country, has in fact mirrored the exact tactics and focusses of the nationalist fascist Verfassungsschutz and HAS gone after the groups mentioned, has, and is currently monitoring the activities of these groups.

According to a friend of mine who was privvy to the 50 plus thousand pages of garbage collated by the SIG in operation 8, they used that operation to investigate every left leaning organisation in this country. Even Kohanga Reo.

This S.I.G group represents the face of fascism and activists must respond to this threat to our civil and human rights that are being abused and stripped away by this group.

From How Gilchrist was found out thread.

by Anonymous
Yeah, but is he the only one? That’s the danger I guess. If he isn’t, the others know to watch out. IF he is the only one, everyone is all that more circumspect now.

by rosie
the last thing we need is to be looking sideways at each other. the last thing! we need to support each other, to come together and be strong through this. to work together. not to doubt each other. yeah it’s a goddamn shame. i mean, what the f*#k. but lets get through this together, people!
Reply to this comment

by Anonymous
We’re all fucked. That prick Gilchrist knew everything. He’s gotta pay big time for this. Where can we find the bastard? He’s got a electronics website and business hasn’t he? Let’s fuck that up for him. All the fucking time we were worried about fucking Thompson and Clark, what a fucking joke.

by Anonymous
people are not protecting him, there is more to come on this story and all will be revealed to maximum effect in the next few days
Mr G

by rosie
yeah nice one. drop the standards around here why don’t ya. and what evidence do you have of that? that’s the sickest thing i’ve heard all day, thanks. thanks for taking the whole thing to that next level down.


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13 thoughts on “Paranoia, Fury, Outrage, Revenge, Panic, A Little Calm Reason-Just Another Day at Indymedia

  1. mah – “anarco-Communist” seems to be your new favourite word. Weren’t you denying that they could exist just a few posts back?

    Anyway, you’ve spelt it wrong – it’s either anarchist-communist or anarcho-communist (note the lower case).

    Oh, and none of the groups spied on were anarchist-communist – AWSM is the first anarchist-communist group in Aotearoa / New Zealand in years, and Rob was never involved with us.

    Get your facts a bit straighter before you start typing next time, mmk?

  2. Trevor. Shouldn’t a man providing the police with details of private citizens’ sex lives at least ring some alarm bells with you?

  3. I hope you don’t mean why it seems New Zealand law enforcement would want to investigate these anarco-Communist groups. I saw sympathy from the New Zealand chapter of supporting the violent Greek rioters.

    Where’s the complaints on that? Why are suddenly local New Zealand law enforcement looking into these radical groups? It’s one thing for freedom of speech, it’s another to promote outright incitement.

  4. The SIG remind me of the German Verfassungsschutz except unlike the fascist German version, the SIG only target left wind groups.

  5. Trev,

    I also have a comment from New Zealand’s local anarco-Communists commenting on the riots in Greece even agreeing openly with the Greek rioters as “something they can learn” in New Zealand.

    Geeze, are they this stupid?

  6. What’s the deal with anarco-Commies and their supporters complaining about someone who was involved with an old Soviet organ such as the World Federation of Democratic Youth?

    I sure wouldn’t want any of my politicians in the United States be members of the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazi groups such as the National Alliance or any other extremist white racist group. Why is it okay for people like this to defent Vermunt for her involvement in pro-totalitarian activities?

    Answer: because the people protecting Vermunt agree with her policies, and her radicalism.

  7. “Just like your pathetic excuses on Vermunt. Arrest her! She’s a Marxist! Marxists are a threat to our wellbeing!”

    Yeah, I would certainly be “proud” if an American politician here in the USA was a friend back in World War II with the Axis Powers, or a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Exposed, you support far left extremism because YOU agree with it.

  8. “No condemnation when the state interferes massively in the lives of people they don’t like. Entrapment, coercion, and huge amounts of spying”

    I guess people like you would also rather allow neo-Nazi groups to be in violent acts, if that was applied toward anarco-Communists as well.

  9. Typical “libertarian”. No condemnation when the state interferes massively in the lives of people they don’t like. Entrapment, coercion, and huge amounts of spying, at great cost to the taxpayer. The groups spied on have never been charged with anything more serious than trespass, despite 10 years of having an informer at the heart. Puts paid to your “they deserve it, they’re criminals” rhetoric.

    Just like your pathetic excuses on Vermunt. Arrest her! She’s a Marxist! Marxists are a threat to our wellbeing!

    Well, excuse me. Liberty means supporting it for those you disagree with.

  10. Libertarian network wont be investigated or infiltrated because they are seen as loyalists, with quirky anti-central govt fantasies but no will to relly take action to see their fantasies become reality.

  11. I also remember Indymedia also being linked with the anarco-Communists whom were rioting in Greece this past week.

    Why shouldn’t local law enforcement be concern about these anarco-Communists? Would these folks who complain about police plants care if police did the same with violent neo-Nazis?

  12. There shouldn’t be anon. I thoroughly approve of the police action here.

    NZ anarchist groups routinely engage in criminal activities. Some were involved with Tame Iti’s proto-terrorists.

    Good on the police for maintaining an informer inside the anarchist ranks.

    My only hope is that they have more.

  13. Hmm no post condemming the state for putting an agent into activist groups for ten years getting into several relationships with activists, reporting intimate details of peoples lives and instigating illegal actions.

    Once again no suprises here

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