Why #NeverTrump must stand strong! It’s all about the leverage Mr. Trump

PoliticsTwo urgent tasks loom for patriots. Stop communist Hillary Clinton (or the more likely and equally dangerous Joe Biden/Elizabeth Warren ticket) and save the US Constitution. How can #NeverTrump help achieve those goals.

First we must stand strong and support each other in our support for the Constitution, and our opposition to Donald Trump’s candidacy.

If we cave now, we give up the one thing we still have left – LEVERAGE.

Donald Trump needs to know that at least 20% of the GOP base is militantly opposed to his candidacy. He needs to know that a big chunk of his potential vote is going to write-in Ted Cruz, vote Libertarian, stay home or work on saving the GOP Senate majority which many of us fear Mr. Trump will destroy. He needs to fear in his bones that if we stand firm it will likely cost him the Presidency.

If Donald Trump knows one thing – it’s making deals. If we all pile in behind Trump now, he doesn’t have to give us a damn thing. We’ve surrendered our leverage. He can take us for granted.

If we hold strong and Election Day is getting closer and the polls are tight, he will make an offer… or several offers.

So far, Trump has shown he knows he needs us. He gave us a very good slate of possible Supreme Court nominees. Full credit for that Mr. Trump. That was a good first step.

The problem Mr. Trump has, especially with Ted Cruz supporters, is CREDIBILITY. We like some of what he says. We just just don’t believe for a moment he’ll do the good stuff, (like seal the borders) and we are terrified he’ll do heaps of dumb, even dangerous stuff.

So, the next step Mr. Trump, is to name your VP pick ASAP and make sure he or she has waaaaaay better conservative credentials than you have. A Supreme Court nominee list can be thrown in the trash can; a good VP pick is much more confidence inspiring.

Then you’d be smart to name your Cabinet and campaign across this country as a team. This would make the MSM totally meltdown. Imagine the enthusiasm you could generate Mr. Trump.

Name Rand Paul as your preferred Secretary of the Treasury. Let him do what ever he damn well likes to the IRS and the Federal Reserve. Sarah Palin as Secretary of Energy – abolish the Department. “Drill baby drill.” Drill in your backyard if you want to. Senator Mike Lee, Secretary of the Interior – return the unconstitutional “Federal Lands” back to the states, so they can mine them and farm them for the benefit of their people. Senator Sessions – Homeland Security. Seal that border once and for all Senator. Tighten up immigration and visa abuse. Stop Obama’s enabling program for ISIS and al Qaeda. Ben Carson, Health and Human Services. End the welfare culture Mr. Carson. Restore dignity to America’s communities. We need to end Common Core. Abolish the department of Education. Restore control of education to the states and counties, to the school boards, churches and the homeschoolers –  Governor Bobby Jindal for Secretary of Education. John Bolton, Secretary of State. Your job, Ambassador Bolton, is to “flip the bird” to “there is no such thing as a former KGB man” Putin and the Ayotollahs, and to rebuild the Western Alliance. Then, of extreme importance, Ambassador to the United Nations….no one, EVER.

You do do that Mr. Trump and you’ll win over a big chunk of the waverers. I believe that even many of the #NeverTrumpers will come to your aid. IF YOU GIVE US WHAT WE KNOW THIS COUNTRY NEEDS.

Many of us have lost our enthusiasm for this election after Ted Cruz dropped out. If you want our support, you need to give us lots of RED MEAT.

This standoff could develop into a very dangerous game of chicken Mr. Trump. One that could destroy this country by giving the Democrats the White House forever. Mitt Romney lost in 2012 by 2,500,000 votes. How will there ever be another Republican President if Hillary or Uncle Joe is allowed to “amnesty” eight to 20 million “undocumented Democrats”?

So, do the right thing Mr. Trump. Give the conservative base everything it wants. It’s your only chance of victory and it could be America’s ONLY chance for survival.


Author: Trevor

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20 thoughts on “Why #NeverTrump must stand strong! It’s all about the leverage Mr. Trump

  1. From the conception of Trump’s campaign to the present, all has been a lie to divert attention away from the most conservative candidate, Cruz. I don’t know for sure that Trump is the GOPe’s shoo-in candidate with the feigned attitude if anybody but Trump, as we can see daily that they were never in the #NEVERTrump camp. They are ALL his best buddies! It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that. It needs, instead, people grounded in the Word of God, especially in the Book or Daniel to see that Trump is an antichrist type, as is Obama, Hillary, Sanders, et al. The real conservatives were thrown by the wayside and once again we have the GOPe candidate feigning NOT to be one.

    I was not fooled, nor were many others. It is not difficult to recognize the spirit of antichrist when you KNOW it well. As Christians, how are we to know when the antichrist appears, if we cannot recognize the signs that distinguish him, and Scripture (NT) tells us that it is the Christians who recognize him. For so many to be deceived by him (Trump, who is NOT ‘the” antichrist, but a type) is very discouraging. To even claim that he is a better choice than Hillary or Sanders cannot be proven. He has not governed. However, we do have his track record of dishonesty, broken promises, slander, flip-flopping, heinous actions and words, etc.
    Personally, I don’t want any of the 3 of them. I’m like Steve Deace…stand still and wait for God to act. We don’t need to rush into anything, let alone supporting Trump and be made fools of. I’m 67, I will NOT hold my nose and vote for an ungodly degenerate man, and I make this conclusion from his own admissions and actions. I keep informed so that I can vote or not vote according to my conscience.

    The republic is lost at this point. We have passed the turning point to go back and amend our ways, repent and be reconciled to God to restore his blessings. Not that there won’t be pockets of revival here and there, but the people have changed as a whole. We are seeking our wills, not His. We are looking first to our own comforts and not to the lost lives around us. We are not listening or even heeding the cries of those brethren in the ME and other places that are being beheaded, crucified, placing alive in acid, etc. Please don’t believe for a minute that this will not make it to America. ISIS is already here and the Kings, the M-13 gangs and other even more vicious gangs from the south are ALREADY in our borders. I am not making any part of this up. I work as a nurse (RN) in a maximum security prison.

    We need to be on our collective knees now! We need to plead for God’s mercy and we MUST repent of the abominations we have watched become legalized, but done nothing about.

  2. Many of us have not been seduced by Trump. This election is choosing between Hitler or Stalin. Does our country stand a better chance with Malaria than Ebola? Only time will tell, but the MSM is twisting some conservatives words to invite useless Secret Service investigations.
    The following article is a MUST READ! My resolve & morals are NOT for sale & I still remain #NeverTrump

    1. The problem is Brian, that most Never Trumpers believe that Trump will do exactly the same. We’d rather be stabbed in the front than the back. We simply don’t trust him. Let Trump prove he’s worthy of our support. Name his cabinet. To get a good deal (from Art of the Deal) you have to be prepared to walk away. Believe me PJ, many of us well prepared to walk away.

  3. “Trump is a narcissistic buffoon with tyrannical leanings..” And Obama and/or Clinton are not? Trump sees the need to be free to make deals. Hillary and Sanders want nothing to do with such freedom. They want to dictate our future not make deals with us.

    Hitler was a man of precise principles: altruism and collectivism through racism. He was very good at bypassing his audience’s minds and appealing to their feelings.

    Suppose though, another equally talented orator had presented himself to the German people as a man of no principle but very practical deal making. Like Hitler he wanted to make Germany great again. But doing so by emphasizing the horrible deals made by German leaders after WW1. He would make much better deals for Germany. In hindsight, do you think the Germans would have been better off with the new strong man or staying with Hitler? Thoughts?

  4. As a Christian,we are warned that we can not mix darkness with light.Trump has rejected God by saying he doesn’t need to ask for forgiveness for his sins,that he doesn’t think he sins,he only makes mistakes.Our country is in a downward spiral now because of our rejection of God by taking Him out of our lives,our schools,our government.We only have to look at Israel as an example to see what happens when we elect a “king of man” instead of a “man of God” to lead us.We can not expect God to bless us if we elect a man who doesn’t think he needs God by thinking we can make it OK by surrounding the man with good people.Especially a narcissist like Trump.We can not trust that he will even listen to those people much less go along with their plans if he doesn’t like those plans.We would be inviting and be the instigators of our own demise.We must remain #Never trump#NeverEverTrump.

  5. I think you have a misogynistic conception as to what “never” means. #NeverTrump means never, under any circumstances, will we vote for Trump. Through his words and actions Trump has proven himself unfit for the office of the President, and there is nothing — including promised Supreme Court picks, cabinet positions and policy details — that can sway real #Never Trump. This isn’t a game or a bluff. Trump is a narcissistic buffoon with tyrannical leanings, and it doesn’t matter to #NeverTrump who he surrounds himself with. All they will do is sully thier names. They will not, in any way, make Trump a potential option in November.

    1. I think you are right, Chris Hill. T rump could put the group together to win the election and promptly fire them the first time they are not aligned with his ideas.

    2. When Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court justices rewrite the Second Amendment out of the Constitution, every one of you Never Trump idiots will deserve to lose it. Then she’ll open the borders and amnesty in twelve million new Democratic voters and give the Left permanent dictatorship.

      But at least you’ll still have your “principles”

      1. When Hillary wins, it will be because each and every Trump voter chose ignorance and anger in the primary’s as opposed to Constitution and Country. #NeverTrump warned and warned the ignorant masses. Too bad you didn’t listen then. Go ahead and pass the buck if it helps you sleep at night, but make no mistake, YOU voted for Hillary as soon as you pulled the lever for Trump. But nice try.

        1. No Dawn, Trump is the Republican nominee. It’ll be because you #NeverTrump sore losers decided Hillary would be a better president than the Republican nominee would be.

          No matter how much you want to spin it to escape any blame, the voter log will always show you didn’t vote for the Republican nominee.

  6. My principles are not for sale, which means if Trump promises me the moon and the stars, I want no part. In fact, I am so disgusted with this kind of talk (which also comes from conservatives like Levin) as though we can somehow mold Trump, or at least corral him to our conservative principles. This is a reckless and dangerous political game which will not change Trump, but only mollify the conscious of true conservatives voting him. Have we as conservatives abandoned all logic?

    1. Henry do you still care about this country? Using your logic will guarantee we lose it forever. Make sure you feel good about yourself. To hell with the country since your guy didn’t win, huh.

      I held my nose and voted for McCain and Romney because I believed Obama would be just as bad as he’s been for the country.

      I was sure that both McCain and Romney would push Amnesty through, but at least they might save the Supreme Court.

      Have fun telling your grand children that even though the country went completely to hell, you stuck to your principles.

      I’m sure they’ll really appreciate it.

  7. Trevor – Mr. Trump is the best hope Conservatives have to unite in common cause to rescue and restore our Nation. ‘Team Trump’, under the direction of Dr. Ben Carson, has already began to take shape and promises to become probably the most dynamic leadership team our Nation has seen in along time. I trust you will see the wisdom in what is transpiring and will join our movement to rescue our Nation from Evil and put it back on course.

    1. Fred, I understand what a threat Killary is. However, T rump was a staunch supporter of hers. T rump flip flops often. T rump has a long record of buying politicians, using immigrant labor, and lying. Why anyone would have confidence in him is beyond my ability to understand. Heck, he even sued his wife (and others) to silence them. All T rump supporters need a reality check and do their homework since the media are happy to prop him up for slaughter in November.

      1. Patty, you say you understand that Hillary is a threat, then you bad mouth Trump.

        You can use immigrant labor and still be against illegal immigration. But how are you going to know if they’re legal or not when the fed gov won’t even allow you to ask them if they are or not?

        Those are policies put in place by Hillary, Bill and the Democrat party, not Trump. His anti illegal immigrant policy has excluded him from being able to hang with the Democrat party any longer.

        And it’s cost him millions of dollars in contracts for wanting to put an end to it.

        Trump has financed his campaign from beginning through winning enough delegates to get the nomination.

        If Trump doesn’t win, he’s wasted his time and money. No other candidates personal finances took a hit when they dropped out.

        I like Ted Cruz and I would’ve voted for him enthusiastically if he’d won. But I doubt he or any other Republican candidate would’ve been able to beat Hillary for several reasons.

        Trump will draw in voters from the Democrat party. Twenty percent of Democrat voters support Trump on his illegal immigration policy. Even though Cruz has a very similar policy, no Democrat voter would’ve considered voting for him.

        Cruz was talking about illegal immigration before Trump entered the race, but the MSM and the Republican party had already decided it was a non issue in this election and the only time the MSM talked about it was so they could call Ted Cruz a racist.

        Donald Trump put the issue front and center with the words he used when talking about it. I don’t care if he offended the illegals, Democrats or Rinos. I’m offended by the conduct of the illegals themselves demanding to be allowed to stay in our country rather than asking nicely.

        We don’t owe them poop. And I’m also offended by the Democrats and especially the Rinos who are more concerned about the feelings of illegals than they are their own constituents.

        It’s sad that the only candidate who was willing to fight the hardest to secure our border was a one time Democrat.

        Ted Cruz had already said that he was going to be respectful to the Democrat opponent. That’s what McCain and Romney (I voted for both of them) said and did as well and look how well that turned out for the country.

        Trump is using the Democrats own tactics against them and they don’t know how to deal with it. Trump is the only one left standing against Hillary now.

        Hillary has lied as a government official. Her and Obama refused to send help to our people in Benghazi resulting in 4 deaths. She lied to the American people and to the faces of the families of those four dead Americans about the reason for why they were killed.

        She personally owned the email program that she conducted all of her State Department business on and she kept the host server inside her own house where only one person on her payroll had access to the unsecured host server.

        No other Secretary of State used a self owned email program to do business on. Powell apparently used a third party email program to conduct some of his business on, but he didn’t have any control over the security or up keep on the email program as Hillary did.

        Him suing his wife was a personal issue and was something that happens when people get divorced. Nothing you’ve listed about Trump is comparable to the things the wretched winch Hillary Clinton has done.

        As first lady, she used the FBI to destroy the lives of the women who accused her husband of rape, molestation and/or unwanted sexual advances.

        Many of her and Bills business partners have ended up dead in mysterious circumstances. Where is the list of dead Trump business partners?

        Trump didn’t become the nominee by acting like you Nevertrump people wanted. He did it by not doing that.

        Demanding that he do everything you ask or else you’ll just write in Ted Cruz, who has no chance of winning, (because he’d get zero Democrat support, nor any establishment Republican support) is a truly arrogant position to take and it will guarantee Hillary is the next president.

        Millions more illegals will be allowed into the country and registered as Democrat voters, giving them a super majority controlled state congress and governorship like they currently have in CA.

        They will swing the Supreme court left for decades to come and guns will be confiscated from private citizens and we’ll end up in mass graves just like the citizens of every country that has been taken over by communist authoritarian governments have ended up.

        Writing in Ted Cruz is no different than voting for Hillary Clinton. If you don’t understand that, then you are no better than the Democrats you profess to be worried about.

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