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The Revolution Is Now Underway – But Not By Who You Think!

In this piece we will first look at the retirement of “economics” (economic class) as the stated mission of Marxists, and economics replacement by an unstated subterfuge – so-called identity…

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How Did the ‘Mainstream Media’ Become the ‘Enemy of the People?’

Trevor Loudon EPOCH TIMES Since the 2016 elections, Donald Trump has been calling the so-called “main-stream media the “enemy of the people’ and a whole…

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Trump Calls Out Globalist Koch Bros

Kudos to President Trump for attacking the insidious Koch Brothers. The damage they do with their “open borders” and “empty the prisons” BS more than…

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Georgia Conservatives Should Vote For Brian Kemp: Trevor Loudon Interviews Jeanne Seaver

Brian Kemp or Casey Cagle? Georgia conservatives face a momentous choice in this Tuesday’s Republican gubernatorial run-off. Jeanne Seaver is a veteran Savannah-based grassroots conservative….

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#BuildTheWall: Trevor Loudon to Speak at President Trump’s Rally in San Diego

Please follow “Frontline America with Ben Bergquam,” where you can watch the rally starting at 10:00 AM Pacific time (1:00 PM EST) here! On March 13,…

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The Seventy Percent Solution

Cross-posted from Bear Witness Central Introduction: This is an abridged version of “The Seventy-Percent Solution” – one of the “communiqués” from my book “Communiqués From…

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Down with Vichy Republican Collaborators! – Part II of IV

Down with Vichy Republican Collaborators – Part I of IV Introduction: History informs us that scoundrels abound.  Current events inform us that scoundrels currently control…

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Down with Vichy Republican Collaborators! – Part I of IV

Down with Vichy Republican Collaborators – Part II of IV Down with Vichy Republican Collaborators – Part III of IV Down with Vichy Republican Collaborators…

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Terrible News: Sebastian Gorka resigns from Trump Administration

Sebastian Gorka, one of the last remaining conservatives in the Trump Administration has resigned, citing “the current state of the Trump administration.” As reported at…

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Leftists win major victory in getting Steve Bannon removed from White House

The #FireBannon movement has been around from the beginning of President Trump’s tenure, but it has been amping up in a clearly-coordinated effort since 20-year-old…

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View from New Zealand: Trump vs The Filth: 100 Days In, Trump Is Winning!

A view form veteran New Zealand journalist and Objectivist/Libertarian Lindsay Perigo.  While my support for President Trump is more critical than Lindsay’s, he sure does…

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The Denise Simon Experience – 04/20/17

The Denise Simon Experience Hosted by DENISE SIMON, the Senior Research / Intelligence Analyst for Foreign and Domestic Policy for numerous flag officers and intelligence…

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The March To War? Entire US Senate Called To White House For North Korea Briefing [VIDEO]

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | I Have The Truth Just when you thought the whole North Korea debacle was stagnating, things unfortunately got interesting this weekend….

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Questioning The Trump Doctrine On Iran

By: Roger Aronoff | Accuracy in Media Recent comments by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warning that Iran could follow North Korea’s path of nuclear…

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Samuel L. Jackson Betrayed Blacks Again In Georgia

By: Lloyd Marcus Award winning black actor and civil rights activist Samuel L. Jackson cut a radio ad for the congressional special election in Georgia….

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