Standing On Principle – Young Republicans Communications Chair Quits Over Trump

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |

Katrina Jorgensen

Katrina Jorgensen, the Communications Chair of the Young Republicans, resigned this week because she could not back Donald Trump, which is what the Republican Party is now doing. That took a lot of guts and I deeply admire her principles. Would you be willing to walk from your job or position because you felt this strongly over your principles? I would, but I don’t think there are many out there that would follow suit.

As of today, Donald Trump now has the delegates to be the Republican Party nominee. For Katrina to have stayed where she was, she would have had to promote Trump and support him per the Party. She couldn’t do that and instead, followed her conscience.

Here is the letter of resignation that Jorgensen submitted:

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4 thoughts on “Standing On Principle – Young Republicans Communications Chair Quits Over Trump

  1. I agree with Mary Lou. I just don’t recall this level of outrage over equally non-conservative GOP nominees (i.e., every single one after Reagan, especially the Grandfather of ZeroCare); these are the same whiners who have always told us to hold our noses and vote for whoever the party bureaucracy finagled into the nomination “because the alternative is even worse”, and the first time they don’t get their way (neither did I, but hey, I’m used to that by now, and this time the alternative really is even worse — again), they’re going to take their ball and go home… maybe they should call their prospective new political party The Cartman Party, a name that would reflect their level of maturity. Hopefully, Miss Jorgensen will grow out of this childishness; I have less hope for her older counterparts.

  2. As Chair of Young Republicans, would she have supported Mc Cain, or Romney? If so, shame on her! Neither one of those RINOS stood for the values espoused in the Republican platform. I am not a Trump supporter, however, she as a member of the Republican machine, HAS NO PRINCIPLE TO LOSE!

    1. Many support Trump , despite his lifelong personal opposition to conservative principles and his dishonesty , because they hope he will be less evil than Hillary , others cant because they wont give up their conservative principles (which used to be the in the republican platform). Just because in previous elections it was far easier to decide that Romney and McCain were less evil than Obama does not mean they have no principles. On the contrary , unlike you , they actually believe in something other the letters R and D in the alphabet .

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