9 thoughts on “Behind Operation Fast & Furious – the Islamic Connection

  1. Give me the finding, instead of advertising for someones book. Too many books are written by too many people out for a buck. This article tells me nothing, other than buy the book.
    I expected better from this blog.

  2. If this guy knows one actual, directly-sourced fact about the Gunwalker Scandal, I’ll eat my boonie hat. Nice disinformational pimp job off a dead Border Patrol agent.

    Mike Vanderboegh

  3. I agree Obama is a front man for both the Muslim Brotherhood and Weather Underground. Those in the Federal Government and the Military are just going along with the enemy. They seem clueless that this will affect their children and grandchildren. I want to see whoever gets into the Federal Government next looks at every computer hard drive in and out of Washington, DC. That includes the entire Pentagon. Who do you think murdered the Navy Seals? Obama and his people set them up. I’m not stupid. He’s a cold blooded psychopath.

  4. With every bit of new information received –the more convinced I am hat in hand that #1 those who expanded the existing program into Fast and Furious will NEVER face criminal prosecution in the US. #2 with the State Dept. and DOJ working for our enemy and the Muslim Fraud in the Executive what does that say about our Govt?I will be ordering this book- but it may take a while.

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