Trump: Fighter jets aggressive because Russians ‘really dislike Obama’

"The repeated flights by the Sukhoi SU-24 warplanes, which also flew near the ship a day earlier, were so close they created wake in the water, with 11 passes, the official said." - Business Insider
“The repeated flights by the Sukhoi SU-24 warplanes, which also flew near the ship a day earlier, were so close they created wake in the water, with 11 passes, the official said.” – Business Insider

On Thursday evening, presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had an interesting exchange with Bret Baier of Special Report on Fox News. During the discussion, Trump declined to answer whether he ever met Vladimir Putin and observed that Russians “want to be friendly with the United States.” Trump also implied that he is softening his position on illegal immigration, telling Baier that “…we have to negotiate. We have to see…” when asked if his illegal immigration stance is likely going to be more “nuanced.”

Some highlights:

  • The revelation was made during the interview that “in a matter of weeks,” Donald Trump will be receiving classified briefings from the FBI and the CIA.
  • According to Trump, Ted Cruz’s dad Rafael said some “really terrible things” about Trump (he didn’t), which evidently prompted him to claim that Cruz’s dad was involved in the Kennedy assassination (which Trump previously told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that “of course” he does not believe).
  • Trump is getting used to his nickname for Hillary Clinton: “Crooked Hillary.”


  • Baier asked Trump if he will be “reaching out to conservatives” now that Trump has pledged to reach out to Bernie Sanders supporters. Trump responded that he “pretty much has conservatives other than people trying get publicity for themselves.”
  • Trump says Ben Sasse is “trying to get publicity,” and in a mocking way called him “genius” for advocating for a third party, which he said would mean that “Republicans won’t win.”
  • Trump, who said last year that his liberal sister would be a “phenomenal” supreme court justice, said that the idea of running a third party means Hillary Clinton gets to appoint Supreme Court justices.
  • On the topic of Supreme Court justices, Trump said he would be naming 10-12 potential conservative justices, perhaps before the Republican National Convention in July.
  • Trump claimed (again) that he never endorsed the Iraq war.
  • Trump bragged that he has “thousands of people” that work for him from Mexico and he has “great respect for Mexico and their leaders.”
  • Trump welcome’s Russian support in going after ISIS, but would not say whether he ever spoke personally with Vladimir Putin (listen around 16:40). Trump also inexplicably said that the reason Russian fighter jets are dive-bombing U.S. planes and a military ship in the Baltic Sea is because the Russians “really dislike Obama.” Speaking of Russia, Trump added that Russians “want to be friendly with the United States.” Trump added, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually got along with somebody?” Bret Baier did not follow up with questions voicing concern that Russia recently invaded a sovereign nation. In 2014, Russia forcefully took Crimea from Ukraine.

Watch the fighter jets aggressively coming close to the U.S. ship:

  • As far as illegal immigration, Trump may have a more “nuanced” approach. Trump said, “[W]e’re gonna see. I have to see. Look, everything, honestly, is going to be up…and we have to negotiate. We have to see…”

Watch the segment here:

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6 thoughts on “Trump: Fighter jets aggressive because Russians ‘really dislike Obama’

  1. Trump is so like the barnyard rooster who on every blink of the eye, it’s a new moment, day, and world (studies have shown roosters reassess environment as new every blink). Trump doesn’t actually believe anything. Even today, there was a report Trump may pick a Democrat vice president, which of course makes no sense to Republicans, but would make a solid Democrat ticket.

  2. It’s because they smell weakness. But unprincipled, naive collaboration with the Kremlin is even worse than current US shortcomings in the leadership dept.

    Perhaps once we bless Putin’s state terror, territorial expansion, kleptocratic state, and split Europe with him -then build a Trump hotel tower in Moscow- they’ll learn to ‘like’ us.

    Such a worthwhile goal.

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