8 thoughts on “Allen West: First Principles for National Security

  1. Just keep it up- Allen- we can never give up-it will take at least another 10 persistent
    years.- We pray for you. Younger people need down-to-earth “brass-tack” visuals that
    show them from FDR onward what has been happening as our freedoms have been slowly eaten away.

  2. But he still doesn’t bother to demand Congress investigate the mole hiding in plain sight at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  3. I simply LOVE this man…someone with a spine to speak the truth. It’s so rare these days. We definitely need to draft him for Prez in 12. He says he doesn’t have enough experience, but I know he would be heads and shoulders above the Marxist Muslim we have now.

  4. What a guy! He can speak to the issue and not read a word. What a guy! He has an understanding of America our currant POTUS will never achieve. His point of calling out people needs to be put into action. Call Congress and tell them to get some WEST in their approach!

    1. What a close….! Taking out God with a big G and replacing with government, little g. That’s what’s happening!

    2. I agree, Lynn. My Florida Congressman is a wimp compared to him.
      Actually, they are all wimps. This is the leader, I believe. I hope he’ll consent to be drafted in 2012. I think he is the only one to pull us up out of the nosedive, and we’re about to crash…now.

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