6 thoughts on “Small Businesswoman to Obama: ‘Apologize’ for Economy

  1. Way to tell our story!! She so has it right! As CEO’s of our business, we have several “fires” to put out and solve on a daily basis, period. That is our job. So how is it that this President is always in campaign and vacation mode and ignoring the problems at his desk! He is no leader, it is SO apparant that he has NEVER created a job, fired an employee, filled out government business forms or for that matter, lead anything of value. Yes, we are frustrated and can’t wait until 1/20/13 in order to END THIS ERROR! Small business owners or for that matter, working Americans, can not survive another 4 years of this lack-luster, lame duck, economic flunky, all out cluefree, lier! We need strong business leaders to run a strong country. Obama is not the one, it is obvious!

  2. Obama said of the Constitution he has sworn to uphold: it is a flawed, racist, biggoted document, full of negative liberties that needs to be eradicated. How you like them apples? That is exactly what he is doing, and getting away with it – so far.

    He is making good on his promise to his Marxist subversive cronies to “fundamentally transform” our free America into a Marxist-communist dictatorship.

    The “CHANGE” agenda he has trumpeted is clearly exposed in the records of the House Committee Investigations of tax Free Foundations which state that the reason these Foundations are granted exemption from taxes exacted upon the citizenry is so that: “they may use their grant making powers to “alter” (“CHANGE”) life in the U.S. so that it may be merged with the Soviet Union (converted to communism). Anyone who knows what communism is can see this happening.

    The “agenda” for his health care reform imposed on the country in spite of opposition from most of the people is consistant with: “the citizens of the USSR are entitled to FREE MEDICAL SERVICE”. He tries to obscure his real intnentions by using ambiguous euphemisms like “single payer”, “comprehensive” plans, “sustainable” measures, etc., which can mean just about anything. Socialized medicne is the “plan”.

    Always remeber, Marxism’s ordained purpose is to destroy capitalism.

    1. Yep. We’re on the serfdom express to the USSA. What has yet to be revealed is what kind of socialists we’re dealing with. Hopefully they’re just intellectuals, motivated by their better instincts–but still duped. If that’s the case we’ll be able to reverse this trend; but I think we’re foolish if we don’t acknowledge the past and the possibilities that suggests.

      There must once again be a revival of true liberalism. The quintessential point in this war is this: do we want freedom or serfdom? That is truly the choice. If we choose the latter, we are opening ourselves to the terrible evils of history, the very things our system of government is designed to prevent from happening here. Obama has shown an inclination towards believing in his own correctness, believing his way is the right way and needs to be forced on others–this is the opposite of someone who values each individuals’ rights, and is potentially dangerous. The other day Obama commented that in a perfect world he could just arbitrarily raise the debt ceiling. In my opinion, that’s the exact opposite of a perfect world. Would he also think that in a perfect world he could just arbitrarily silence the opposition to his wisdom? Indeed, the other day John Kerry said that the media has a responsibility not to cover the Tea Party. I bet our president agrees, after all according to Biden Tea Party members are like terrorists. Authoritarianism is inseparable from socialism. There must be compulsion for the system to work. The fundamental change our president hopes for is the destruction of the American way of life. It can be no other way. Socialism is antithetical to freedom and individual liberties. We will become an authoritarian state if we continue down this path. We can already see these tendencies in some of our leaders.

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