Communists really do want white genocide

Self-identified communist professor claims controversial tweet was ‘satire.’

“The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.” – Noel Ignatiev, Communist and father of “White Privilege”

“White supremacy makes it so that white people can’t see the world they have created.” Lee Bebout of Arizona State University, teaches course “U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness”

“White Genocide” was trending on Twitter yesterday after self-identified communist professor George Ciccariello-Maher of Drexel University in Philadelphia tweeted, “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide.” But what most of the media has missed is the direct correlation between Ciccariello’s anti-white sentiment and his communist ideology.

The academically-promoted concepts of “White Privilege” and “Critical Race Theory” can be traced back to anti-white Marxists who have successfully influenced a generation of students that white people are racist oppressors.

Consider that hard-core communist Noel Ignatiev (formerly Ignatin) is the father of the concept of “white privilege,” and has been open about his desire for the abolishment of white people.

A must-read article about the communist roots of the Black Lives Matter movement by James Simpson at the Capital Research Center explains:

“The ‘White Skin Privilege’ idea was created in 1967 by Noel Ignatiev, an acolyte of Derrick Bell and professor at Harvard’s W.E.B. Du Bois Institute. (Du Bois was a black leader who helped found the NAACP and joined the Communist Party in 1961.) Ignatiev was a member of the Communist Party USA’s most radical wing, the Provisional Organizing Committee to Reconstitute the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party from 1958–66. The Provisional Organizing Committee was the intellectual forerunner to Freedom Road.”

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization was behind the Black Lives Matter movement.

Derrick Bell, by the way, is known as the father of the concept of “Critical Race Theory,” which, as described in part at the New York Times in 2011, “explored how racism is embedded in laws and legal institutions, even many of those intended to redress past injustices.” So, pretty much everything is racist. Even if we try to fix it, it is still racist.

An excellent article on Critical Race Theory can be found here.

Not surprisingly, Bell was a communist sympathizer, having published articles in the Communist Party USA’s soviet-funded black propaganda publication FreedomWays, as well as serving for a time as a “sponsor” of New Politics, a magazine “almost completely staffed and run by members of Democratic Socialists of America.”

Here is Derrick Bell saying that he has accepted as his motto, “I live to harass white folks:”

Watch soon-to-be-former-President Obama embrace Derrick Bell at a rally in 1991:


Derrick Bell and Noel Ignatiev were pivotal in molding an entirely new field of study that now teaches concepts like “white privilege” and “critical race theory” as a matter of the core curriculum.

In 1997, the Harvard Crimson addressed this “emerging” new field of study: Whiteness Studies:

“Whiteness studies should not celebrate white literature or a supposed white culture; rather, useful scholarship in the area engages the concept of being white in a society that first, differentiates between whites and non-whites and second, bestows privilege upon those that fit the description.”

George Ciccariello-Maher

While the associate professor of politics and global studies claimed the tweet was “misinterpreted satire,” his tweeting history indicates a deep-seated hatred of white people.

To add to Ciccariello’s commie creds, John Sexton at Hot Air points out:

“Ciccariello is a socialist who supported the Occupy movement and has written repeatedly in defense of the Venezuelan revolution and the increasingly autocratic rule of Nicolas Maduro. Ciccariello claims the “colectivos” are a myth and that beauty queen Genesis Carmona was shot by a protester. (That’s not what the man who rushed Carmona to the hospital says happened)…”

More background on Ciccariello can be found here.

After his tweet gained national attention, the professor predictably lashed out at anyone who dared to be offended, and as good communists do, declared himself a victim in a statement provided to the Drexel University newspaper, where he lamented in part:

“…this satirical tweet became fodder for online white supremacists to systematically harass me and my employer, Drexel University. Beginning with — formerly the domain of special counselor to the president-elect, Steve Bannon — and running through the depths of Reddit discussion boards, a coordinated smear campaign was orchestrated to send mass tweets and emails to myself, my employer and my colleagues. I have received hundreds of death threats.”

The Champaign-Urbana Democratic Socialists of America chapter rushed to Ciccariello’s defense:

The Trotskyist/Maoist Party for Socialism and Liberation also published an article “Solidarity with Prof. George Ciccariello-Maher!” saying in part:

“The election of Donald Trump has emboldened the far right. When the mainstream media repeats the right’s attacks, it becomes their instrument. When universities bend to the bullying tactics of the far right, they embolden the fascists and help them gain mainstream credibility.

In the weeks and months to come, it will become imperative for us all to stand in solidarity with those involved in anti-racist and anti-capitalist struggle. Standing together, we can turn resistance into revolution.”

Commies stick together.

Damon Sajnani

An additional “communist-professor-hates-white-people” story is also making the rounds this week.

As the great Tina Trent discusses at Bombthrowers, Assistant Professor Damon Sajnani is being thankfully scrutinized for his “The Problem of Whiteness” course being taught at UW-Madison. Sajnani’s Facebook posts are consistently anti-American and anti-white.

His Facebook profile photo is, of course, an image of Fidel Castro.

An actual part of the syllabus:

“Critical Whiteness Studies aims to understand how whiteness is socially constructed and experienced in order to help dismantle white supremacy…It explores how they [white people] consciously and unconsciously perpetuate institutional racism and how this not only devastates communities of color but also perpetuates the oppression of most white folks along the lines of class and gender. In this class, we will ask what an ethical white identity entails, what it means to be #woke, and consider the journal Race Traitor’s motto, ‘treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.'”

Damon Sajnani

Rep. Dave Murphy of Greenville also highlighted Assistant Professor Damon Sajnani’s evident support of the assassination of five Dallas police officers on Twitter:

Communists and their sympathizers are not fans of white people, particularly white men as evidenced repeatedly in the propaganda spewed by the mainstream media. Consider the ‘2017 New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys’ video vomited out recently by MTV:

Some other notable examples:

  • Jane Fonda’s second husband and communist sympathizer Tom Hayden made a toast during his son’s wedding to a black woman, saying in part that it is “another step in a long-term goal of mine: the peaceful, nonviolent disappearance of the white race.” (The mainstream media gushed all over Tom Hayden after he died.)
  • Dr. Kamau Kambon, (born Leroy Jefferson) taught Africana Studies 241 in the Spring 2005 semester at North Carolina State University. He also told an audience that “We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet…” (start at around the 7:30 minute mark).

It is not rocket science. It is communism. Isn’t it about time Americans challenge these communist agitators?


Author: renee nal

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