‘Honest Donald’ won’t release his tax returns – exaggerated wealth? Planned Parenthood donations? Mafia ties?


Donald Trump made a big deal about Obama’s birth certificate, yet he refuses to release his own tax records….The only major GOP candidate yet to do so.

What is “honest Donald” hiding? Maybe nothing… but given his known tendency to exaggerate, his long time support for leftist causes, and even well documented business ties to mob controlled companies, voters are right to be concerned.

Is Trump innocent, a hypocrite, a liar or a crook? At the very least, if he’s this secretive now, what might he be like in the White House?

Unseal your records Mr Trump!


Author: Trevor

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6 thoughts on “‘Honest Donald’ won’t release his tax returns – exaggerated wealth? Planned Parenthood donations? Mafia ties?

  1. Trump already released his tax returns, 2015 October.
    He has not released 2016, which is due April 15 unless he files an extension.

    Mr. Trump does not support abortion. He hasn’t since 2000. The Mafia is no longer ‘in power’. Guiliani did away with them in the 1990’s.

  2. We will all vote Trump, most because of what he is not. Especially that he is not a politician. We like the way he is not afraid to be politically incorrect, and that he changes his mind if circumstances change. I have many friends and relatives that work for his jobs as tradesmen, the love being paid, and they feel him honourable. We are sick of the Republican party, the Democrat Party, and the Media Party. Lets us shake it all up.

    1. He is also not a Conservative who is not interested in limited government as envisioned by our founding fathers.

  3. What Trump’s campaign popularity has convinced me of more than anything is the day has arrived when men would call good evil and evil good. Trump is polar opposite of everything that is right (both political and moral), yet people, apparently Republicans, are flocking to him. This is no time to despair, but rather to call this out for what it is and vote the same way. My absentee ballot for Arizona arrived by mail today, and as for me and my house, we are voting for Cruz.

    1. Wow, I would say the same thing about Cruz. I used to be a supporter and the more I looked into him and learned who and what he really is the more I realized that he’s nothing that he claims to be. I’m not attacking you, but I find it interesting you talk about evil being good and good being evil because with Cruz he’s the polar opposite of what he claims to be. Sorry, I could not support him if he won the nomination. I think it would be supporting a violation of the Constitution.

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