UPDATE: (GRAPHIC) Prominent Trump supporter: ‘a lot of us are liberals’

Vile Trump Dude1

UPDATE: Chris Loesch highlights that the same Twitter user who used vulgar language with the author back in March, 2016, is bragging about defeating Ted Cruz.

Twitter user @YugeMilo (who changed his name to @WDFx2EU [suspended] and appears to currently reside at @WDFx2EU5) has 63.4K Twitter followers at the time of this writing. He (or she) has many patriot followers. S/he is a prominent Trump activist who obsessively tweets about the Donald.

This dedicated Donald Trump fan is also a self-proclaimed “liberal” who bragged about how many followers he/she is getting, and further instructed me to “hammer f**k” myself, and went on to tell me to kill myself.

Vile Trump Dude

@YugeMilo initially responded to the following meme:

Trump Supporters
True, right?

@YugeMilo’s response was basically that he (and others) do not care because they are liberals anyway. Clearly this implies that @YugeMilo is not working alone, but with other creepy Trump-obsessed and/or funded “liberals.”

Evidently, @YugeMilo is not paid to worry about keeping it classy:

Sounds about right.

Shortly after the lovely comment from @YugeMilo and with evidently no sense of irony, s/he tweeted:


Author: renee nal

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7 thoughts on “UPDATE: (GRAPHIC) Prominent Trump supporter: ‘a lot of us are liberals’

  1. In order to win an election, Ted Cruz will need nasties: Dems, Libs, X-Left, Libertines, Indeps.
    He cannot win an election without them.

  2. Hey renee,

    Wow. You handled that amazingly well. I don’t twitter or FB, but I am often tempted when I see things like this. Reason usually prevails but the temptation is getting stronger to swing back. We all know there are shenanigans going on. The level of horrid, abhorant behaviors has been too over the top. The arguments are too devoid of cognitive thought processes that are indicative of who and what leftists inherently are at their very core. Isn’t it insanely crazy how they fit right in with Trump. It is very easy to spot the 5 second ‘conservatives’, they act just like Trump…all over the map, all rhetoric, no substance, who believe feelings and emotions are ideas.

    There are also the same actions which extends off 2012 where they knew Obama was a lock up so their caucus/primary votes weren’t necessary in their own so many crossed over to be spoilers. They’re doing the same things again. I think the numbers played out in Nevada too, so they probably did in Iowa and NH as well. I bet we’ll see it play out after today and the rest of the month too.


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Kaye – Michael Harrington’s analysis is indeed very thought-provoking. I only hope that there are enough people out there like you who understand the stakes and fight, fight, fight!

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