16 thoughts on “Wafa Sultan – “ISLAM is the Problem!”

  1. What a wonderful strong woman. I hope her message reaches more Muslim women around the world. May God bless her and keep her strong.

  2. Wafa Sultan is wonderful! She and Ayaan Hirsi Ali dare to speak the truth about Islam and the political correctness that will be the undoing of all civilization.

  3. “Radicalism” in defense of liberty is a virtue, not a vice; “radicalism” in defense of one’s life (survival) is a virtue, not a vice (the Law of Necessity); “radicalism” in defense of our country under attack by invading “radicals” seeking to destroy it is a virtue, not a vice.

    Force under controlled mangement is productive and good, force unabated is destructive. Think about this next time you start the engine in your car, when you hit the starter button you just set off an explosion. It’s not the same thing as detonating a bomb in a crowded shopping center, or in a school, or in a church.


  5. Radical Islam is a problem…
    Radical Christian is a problem…
    Radical Atheist is a problem…

    Radical anything is a problem…

    Key word to remember is RADICAL…same as the nutjob in Norway the last week who massacred so many people; he was not only nuts, he also was a RADICAL,,.

    1. William, you are confused. The point this woman is clearly making is that the Islam religion was founded by a total pervert, liar, and abuser primarily of women, and this is why Islam condones the beatings, honor killings, and various other horrors against women. No other religion even on its worst day comes anywhere close to the current and ongoing torture and abuse Islam imposes on women. Cut out the politically correct babble, open your eyes, and use your brain on this one. And the Norway killer is certified insane. Insane is insane. Don’t make excuses and try to tie insane people into any ideology. The key words to remember are abuse, torture, condoned stonings, maimings, and killings, oppression, mistreatment, lives lived in constant terror or fear, perversion. Read exactly what the Quran teaches so you’ll actually know what you are dealing with and talking about. Moderate Islam believes and teaches the same as the “radicals” you conjecture about.

      1. Mark — let me be clear on the part of radicals, especially those of the Muslum faith; I have suffered at the hands of a fanatical and radical uncle who is muslum and so are many of my family — my grandfather, thank God daily for this, saved me from the mess of that nightmare and showed me the way to the true living God and Jesus.

        I do know the Quran fairly well and about the psychotic and perverted founder of the faith; the very motivations my own uncle used for ‘justifying’ years of sexual abuse and terror of the family members and many relatives.

        To me, Mohammad is the embodiment of both insanity and radical that makes so many wrongs happen in the world; and as I should have made more clear in my first post…radicalism is the start of most peoples insanity.

        It is when the radicals become the fulfillment of their own insanity, regardless of their faith or ideology, they are even more dangerous than normal anger or hate driven radicals for they have become totally unpredictable.

        1. William,
          Following proper Islam (as Muhammad intended) is “Radical Islam”.
          Osama and his jihad killers are true Muslims/Mohammedians, as judged by their behaviour and the Koran, and in comparison to the perfect example of Mohammed.
          There is night and day between Islam and many other religions.

    2. None so blind as those who will not see.

      Is it a chemical dependence that has impaired the capacity for understanding true, straightforward English, deeply moving and significant to one of ordinary comprehension?

      1. Replying to my own comment to try to make clear that my comment is in response to comments of William {cat folk artist}.

        While I’m at it, let me add:

        I have seen another clip of Wafa Sultan. She is very possibly the most eloquent and powerful speaker of truth I have ever seen, stripping cant and badinage from the subject of one of the largest single malignant boils on the global body politic.

        As perceptive observers on this blog have noted, the Comintern seeks to use Islam to destroy the West. I have suggested that there is reason to conduct official investigations to ascertain whether Obama is a mole implementing the Comintern strategy.

        I have suggested further that after this destruction the communist powers will inflict on Muslims a well-deserved pogrom that in terms of scale will make the shoah resemble a garden party. This will be of no solace to us, as we will be beyond caring. But Muslims should develop a sense of history, to envisage what awaits them if they do not change their vile philosophy and become civilized.

        It is to be devoutedly hoped that Wafa Sultan will be granted renewed strength and faculties, and preserved from harm so that she may carry her message to people of all faiths and on behalf of political candidates who believe in preserving Western Civilization with America as its last bulwark.

    3. William, You may or may not be correct about radical. I t depends who and why someone or something is radical. Now, to Islam. The trilogy that is the civilization of Islam is radical, or should be considered radical, to most non Muslims. The Koran, the Sira, and the Hadith are a mostly violent and hate filled blueprint for Muslims to live their lifesand conquer all non-Muslims. The basics are, There is only one true religion: Islam, all non-believers must be converted or subjugated or killed in war, all Muslims are commanded to practice Jihad ( a political arm of Islam)against unbelievers, all Muslims are commanded to institute total Sharia (another political arm of Islam), a Muslim is commanded to have “no alliegence” to anything but Islam, Islam encourages Muslims to lie and to deceive to protect Muslims and Islam (Taqiyya). This is not a radical group within Islam. This IS Islam. Do not equate Islam with any culture or civilization of the west. Islam is nearly the “mirror image” (opposite)of Christianity”.Ignorance and inaction will get many of the West killed or subjugated.

    4. No, William; there is a huge difference when it comes to Islam…it doesn’t need to be classified as radical…because there’s no such thing as radical Islam; it’s Islam pure and simple…all of it is vile and violence personified….and it’s coming after you…and anything that isn’t it…so get ready because Christianity and Judaism has never gone after you personally, but Islam will…you can walk away from so-called and falsely named radical Christianity & Judaism; but you’ll never walk away from Islam before they get their tentacles into you…just a word to the wise before it occurs…and a warning if you’ll take it…you don’t appear to be one who will ever stand up against it, so I realize this is falling on deaf ears…but those of us who know and see what Islam has been for over fourteen hundred years can do no other but warn you to be advised before it’s too late…k

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