Muslim Nanny From Hell Parades Through The Streets Of Moscow With Child’s Severed Head

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |

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In Russia, a Muslim nanny garbed in a black hijab and matching clothing, snapped. She was babysitting a four year-old disabled little girl. The child had been put down to sleep. She had worked for the family for almost three years and they trusted her implicitly. She waited for the mother and brother, who is 15, to leave before she put her horrific plan into action.

She took a knife and went into the child’s room. While she lay quietly in her bed, this monster beheaded her. She then proceeded to set fire to the flat before she took the child’s head in a bag and left to roam the streets of Moscow. Some say she walked for an hour with the head of the child held by the hair, periodically holding it at her side or holding it up. She shouted Allahu Akbar and claimed to be a terrorist. Yet, no one took her down during that time. Finally, the police tackled the woman outside a subway station and others rushed to restrain her.


They claim this is not terror related. That the woman was mentally unstable and had schizophrenia. She was kicked out onto the streets after a divorce sources claim. Gyulchekhra Bobokulova was registered at a psychiatric clinic in Uzbekistan and was on light meds. Doctors now claim she has been deteriorating over the last few months.

I find all of this very convenient. Anything and everything to deny terrorism. By definition, a Muslim terrorist is mentally unbalanced. She fits the bill many times over. She screamed that she hated democracy and ranted about the end of the world. Sounds like Islamic doctrine if you ask me.

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4 thoughts on “Muslim Nanny From Hell Parades Through The Streets Of Moscow With Child’s Severed Head

  1. Russian Interfax agency: The law enforcement authorities have established that the native of Uzbekistan Gulchekhra Bobokulova had two men among her phone contacts, probably linked to an “international extremist group”.

    “On Monday, when the murder of the child in an apartment in Moscow took place, one of these contacts switched off his phone”.

    In a conversation with journalists, the woman admitted her guilt, and on the question, why she did it, said: “Allah ordered that”.

    A “RIA Novosti” source in a law enforcement institution said that Bobokulova had been exposed to the extremist religious indoctrination by her roommate – a citizen of Tajikistan.

    (a Google translation, shortened)

  2. It is very noticed the mainstream news refused to report the suspect here is Muslim. The news is no longer news if it is “sanitized”.

    1. Indeed!

      Am Montag lief eine offenbar geistig verwirrte Frau mit dem Kopf eines Kindes durch Moskau. Nun steht die 38-Jährige vor Gericht. Der Schock bei den Menschen in Moskau sitzt immer noch tief.
      Quelle: Die Welt (a “conservative” daily, today)

      On Monday an apparently deranged woman ran with the head of a child in Moscow. Now the 38 -year-old is on trial. The shock to the people in Moscow still sits deep.

      (a Google translation)

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