Thank you Senator Cruz and all who stand with him

I met Senator Cruz for the third or fourth time two nights ago in La Porte, Indiana. It was both exhilarating and poignant for me, as I knew the polls were not looking good.


I shook Senator Cruz’s hand and touched his shoulder to wish him luck.

Now that Senator Cruz has stepped down from the race, I wish to thank him for the hope he has given me and millions of other freedom lovers all over this world.

I never thought I’d see a leader like Senator Cruz in my lifetime. A man of the deepest integrity, humility kindness, faith and courage. It was an honor for me to support Senator Cruz in any small way I could.

During the campaign, I got to meet Ted’s Dad Rafael on a few occasions and was extremely impressed by his courage and commitment to America and the Constitution. The apple did not fall far from the tree. I never met Heidi Cruz, but I saw her at several rallies. She was always impressive – whether tending to her lovely little girls, or wowing the crowd with her impassioned speaking.

You can judge a man by the company he keeps. The Cruz people were always great and the supporters around the country were amazing.

Right up front were stalwarts like Rep. Steve King, Greg Cummings and the super astute Steve Deace from Iowa. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, Lloyd Marcus, Ben Shapiro, David LimbaughJenny Beth Martin, Ann-Marie Murrell, Dana Loesch, Benjamin Weingarten, Arlen Williams, Shona, Thomas, Jack and Danita, Mike Michaels, Manny Roman, Pastor Greg Young, John King from Florida, Bryan from Idaho, Bill and Regina from Colorado, our New Hampshire friends, Curtis Bowers and his amazing family, Renee Nal and Sparky & Angela from the TK Radio Network!

Many that I’ve never met I like to consider friends – Eric Erickson and the crew from Red State, Mark Levin, Michael Harrington, Torin Archbold, Mark Prasek, John Daniels of TavernKeepers and SooperMexican from the Right Scoop.

A huge shout-out too to Glenn Beck and his team. True American heroes all.

There are many more, but I’m dog-tired as I write this, so please forgive me if I forget you temporarily.

I cannot begin to imagine how Ted and his family must feel right now. I wish them all the sound sleep of the righteous.

Ted Cruz has made an impact that will be felt for centuries. He has flown the flag for liberty like no other political aspirant I’ve ever seen.

I don’t think this election cycle has delivered all its surprises yet. Whatever role you play in the liberty movement Senator Cruz, I offer you and your family my humblest thanks and very best wishes for the future.

The fight for freedom moves to its next phase.


Author: Trevor

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26 thoughts on “Thank you Senator Cruz and all who stand with him

  1. When Cruz exited, the feeling I had was overwhelmingly sadness, not because of a person, but rather, I see this country slipping away. In 1976, When Reagan spoke of the future of this country in 100 years, the possibility of self-destruction was stated. Today, now 40 years down Reagan’s timeline, I dare say as of yesterday, like that Atomic Clock, we just jumped about 25 years ahead of schedule towards that destruction because Hillary Clinton will become president. My plea is for Cruz to come back in 4 years and by then we will be so bad off, even Trump supporters will be able to read that handwriting on the wall.

  2. Thank you for this article, Trevor. After just moving to my home state of Indiana, after being in S. CA for over 30 year, I was very disappointed in my fellow Hoosiers. I was Chair of the Second Congressional District Young Republicans when I was 14. Now…well…I’m up there. 30 years ago, Indiana would never ever have voted for Trump, but our entire nation has dramatically changed over the years. Our public school system and our universities have indoctrinated our children toward Socialism. How can we fight that because it seems a great number of parents don’t sit in on their kids’ classrooms and probably don’t even read one of their textbooks. The Bible is not allowed in any of our schools, but Islam is. Go figure. We all should be outraged.

  3. American has missed a golden opportunity to have a real true conservative in the White House who could have brought our
    religious values back and economy and jobs. I think if Jesus
    Christ were running for President, he could not be elected
    today because Hollywood with the help of the media has made
    evil look good and good made evil. I never thought I would see
    it in my lifetime, but here it is. Ted’s wife Heidi would have
    also been a terrific First Lady. Hope that Ted will help Trump
    keep his promise of conservative values.

    1. Unimaginable that so many people can’t see that Cruz took you for a ride…presenting himself as a “natural born citizen” while locking up his records tight so that not only could you not ask the question…but he refused to answer it…and made it impossible to know for certain that he was a citizen.

      Some people are lovers of the truth and the Constitution…and some simply act like children who refuse to learn the truth, reject what they don’t like, like the strokes of being felt like they are “good” and “Christian,” but all the while…you’ve been snookered and made fools of.

      Get on the train…stop acting like spoiled but ignorant teenagers. Don’t go burn down the bard with the horses in it…or you and your children will be forced to walk one day.

      1. You apparently need to be educated. This is from the Lawyer Herald dated April 6, 2016:

        “Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz won his citizenship legal battle in Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The state Supreme Court supports the decision of a lower court judge to dismiss the case that argues the eligibility of the Texas senator as a presidential candidate.

        According to Sun Gazette, Pennsylvania’s highest court upheld the ruling of a judge in lower court on Thursday to dismiss the citizenship lawsuit case against the Texas senator, Ted Cruz. The plaintiff, Carmon Elliott, who lives in Pittsburg and a registered Republican voter, filed the legal complaint.”

        You may want to check this out yourself. In addition, before Ted Cruz ran for office, he presented this question to several federal judges for their opinion and they also agreed he was a natural born citizen through his mother.

        As far as refusing to learn and know the truth, you apparently do not do your due diligence or research. This does make you or your arguments believable. As far as your Christianity remark is concerned you really show your ignorance of Christ’s life and His death…Christ loved us all and out of love He died for us. He left us His example – love and forgiveness.

  4. Below the melding of some emails exchanged last night, and this morning, with some Trump supporters:

    I had hoped to have a conservative candidate to vote for (haven’t had one since Reagan). Alas, once again there is no conservative running. Trump’s negatives are so high it’s an open question whether he can beat the Democrat (whether Hillary, Bernie, Biden or Warren if the latter two are parachuted in at the last minute).

    I’ll watch dispassionately as it unfolds — at this point I don’t really have a dog in the hunt. I will watch the campaign as a non-participant (no volunteering for Trump, no Trump bumper stickers, etc.), and decide in November if I will vote (for Trump as the lesser of two evils vs. staying home).

    As for Cruz working in the Trump administration, I would prefer Cruz not play a role in a Trump administration to avoid being tainted by it (like Reagan in 1976, we may need Cruz to take another shot at the Presidency in 2020). A Supreme Court nomination would be fine, if Cruz is interested in that path.

    As for the upcoming campaign, there may be a Trump train overwhelming the Democrats, as you describe. But not necessarily (especially if the Dems go to Plan B with Biden / Warren). A Republican primary electorate is not representative of the general electorate. The media / Democrat complex has gone light on Trump as they wanted him to be the nominee, as they concluded he’d be the most readily defeated in the general election. The Dem and media knives will now come out — they will have ample material to work with, much of it at Trump’s own hand (and mouth).

    Trump is like a political Rorschach Test. Some see in front of them the savior of the nation, the strong competent leader who will single-handedly make it all better – and so enter into a cult of personality to follow their leader, no matter what, and unquestioningly. (While not comparing Trump to Hitler or Mussolini, the dynamic amongst Trump followers is similar, in my opinion. Similar, too, to the zombie cult the became many Obama followers in 2008.)

    Others (like me) see a nouveau riche narcissist that has a history of supporting Democrat positions and politicians, until he decided to make a vanity run for President, and to the surprise of all (perhaps including himself) gained traction. An individual who has one core belief: his own promotion and self-aggrandizement. An individual shallow in character and substance, and though talented at two industries — real estate development and self-promotion — is intellectually incurious and politically malleable.

    Lack of core beliefs (other than self) and intellectual curiosity goes a long way toward explaining his being on all sides of various issues, and his off-the-cuff “positions” having to be walked-back the next day during the primaries. I believe that he is someone that has professed love of country and “making America Great Again” because it plays well with the audience then in front of him and so advances his personal goals; not as a heartfelt commitment or unwavering personal goal. Further, the adolescent tweets and junior high-level personal insults coming from an almost 70 year old man do not foster confidence in his temperament or judgment as being suitable for the Oval Office (or even to wage a successful general election campaign).

    Could I be wrong about him? Yes, in theory — though my observations of him for the 30 or so years of him being in the public eye so far support, not refute, my assessment. Further, Trump’s decades long history supports a conclusion that on most (critical) issues he’s more likely to agree with Hillary and the Democrats than to disagree (much less oppose).

    That said, I would like nothing more than to be proven wrong about him. I tremble at the state of this country, and even more so after last night, I fear that it may all be over for this country I love.

    For the period after the GOP convention, but before election day, it will be telling to see the degree to which he abides by, or walks away from, the positions his supporters (think) he’s taken during the primaries. And how much he reprises his history of kissing up to establishment Democrats and Republicans alike, having through his career to date been an enthusiastic funder of, and schmoozer with, the establishment.

    Hence my comment above about deciding next November whether or not I will vote. By then (as I fear) it may be apparent that Trump’s little more than another establishment hack, a Progressive fellow traveller – albeit one good delivering a shtick to the awed, starry-eyed believers at his campaign rallies. Or I may be pleasantly surprised and conclude that he just might be OK.

    Yes, I will stipulate that no matter what he’d be better than Hillary / Bernie / Biden. The question is whether the “better” is enough to make it something better than a waste of time to vote for Trump.

    God Help America.

  5. Trevor,

    Thank you for all you do to alert people to the dangers we have both without and within this country.

    We were privileged to see Senator Ted Cruz and you in South Carolina and then again so Senator Cruz at a rally in North Carolina. It is too bad people are so ruled by emotions than by facts.

    Found a great quote from de Tocqueville of 200 years ago “Despotism often presents itself as the repairer of the ills suffered, the supporter of just rights, the defender of the oppressed, and the founder of order. Peoples are lulled to sleep by the temporary prosperity it engenders, and when they wake up, they are wretched.” (From John Hancock’s book “Liberty and Prosperity”.

  6. That wont be happening Rodney. The people have spoken and we must all live with the consequences. Apparently 8 years of socialism werent enough.

    1. Thanks for everything, Trevor. You cannot be unaware of the massive support for Ted Cruz by a write-in, in the event that he is not on the ballot in November. You cannot also be unaware of all the prayers and the faith we have that God will bless us and Senator Cruz. We know how smart he is, and hope that this suspension of his campaign is a strategy to victory. If it is God’s will that Trump become President, our tribulations will not only continue, but get worse. But I’m preaching to the choir. Get some rest and prepare. Blessings.

    1. Trevor-thank you so much for your dedication to liberty and to Ted Cruz. I saw you give a presentation in 2013 I believe- Columbus OH. In that presentation you laid out the plan for a Ted Cruz presidency. Maybe Ted should have done as you suggested and named his administration pick very early on. I have supported Senator Cruz since he ran for the Senate and won in 2012. He’s a great man-a better man than America deserves in my opinion. This is indeed a sad day for America-but also for the world. Because no matter what happens in November-there will be no voice of sanity and reason-no real grownups in charge. And for that we will pay a very high price.

  7. Thank you for all you did and continue to do. The people you mentioned and yourself are the few that came out of this with their integrity intact. So few, but so strong and so true.
    If nothing else comes of this, we now know who to trust and who to ignore. Thank you again!

    1. Well stated, Joseph. I couldn’t agree more or present so well.

      Many thanks to Trevor and Renee Nal. Over the course of this campaign I’ve come to treasure this site and the truth presented here. I may not have commented much, if ever, but I have presented your sourced material in the heat of battle. Thanks again.

  8. I cherish your opinion, Trevor. I’ve have always thought Cruz would be a good choice Vice President to Trump or a Supreme Court appointee. VP would give us 16 year period of strengthening conservative values.

    1. A V.P. slot would be great but Trump would never offer and Cruz would never accept. How would a man of principal stand by one without and be trusted in his word?

      1. You’re right, he would not. He’s made that clear, and after the stunts Trump has pulled, I doubt Ted wants to run as Trump’s VP. I cannot imagine the deflections you’d constantly have to be making and in 4 years, your name would be associated with Trump?

        I cannot vote for Trump. It would cause me much emotional and consciential harm. I still pray God opens a way for Cruz and that Trump, himself, ruins his own chances by his continual lies and discrepancies. He is indiscreet, he is embarrassing, he is immoral…not amoral. Deeply immoral, in fact. I wish the fact that he has an escort service had come out before…long before. But then, we, as a nation are under a strong delusion, and all but those with eyes to see and ears to hear are falling for the delusion. It is being shown to us daily that in spite of the insane things Trump says and does, his followers will not abandon him, but are glued to him like super glue. I’m disgusted that this is what America has come to. I am broken-hearted that this is what America has come to.

    2. The establishment would never let Trump choose Cruz as VP. They are terrified of Ted Cruz, who actually is a believer in what we supposedly cherish, like “truth” and the “Constitution.” Trump is “malleable.” I hope I am wrong, but I am pretty sure that any hope for the Constitution is lost.

      1. Hope is never gone Renee, but we have just blown our best, least painful chance. We never know what may lie around this day though it is.

        1. Mr. Howard,I am an elderly Christian woman who voted for Donald Trump. I changed from Republican party to independant then Republican for this primary. I bought your books over the years, attended tea parties in Annaplois, DC and the 9/12 with Glenn Beck. Met Lloyd Marcus. Knew the farce about the birth certificate fiasco. CRUZ WAS EITHER A NATURALIZED CITIZEN, CITIZEN, BUT NOT NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. I liked him at first but he did some sneaky establishment like things. I researched and wonder now if his family was given amnesty in 1986 by Reagan. He had his records sealed just like Obama and He said once to a reporter he did not qualify to run for President. I no longer have respect for Glenn Beck, Mark Levin,or Ted Cruz. Too much CFR, Goldman Sachs Bush etc. Now I wonder if you too changed. I will no longer buy Levin, Beck Trevors books. As a Christian I pray that I made the right choice. Politicians are liars and do not follow the constitution in my opinion.
          Trump is not perfect but he at least knows the issues ordinary people like me are interested in solving. Only God can judge his heart not you or me.I saw in this primary candidates calling another candidate out saying “you are not a Christian” That made me think a politician was doing his “thing” Trump made us feel he understood the issues.In the Bible God used bad people sometimes and the bad person became God’s instrument to reach His goals as a leader of His people. And because of that Beck, Limbaugh etc. called millions of us low information and idiots. I went to a Trump rally an hour from my home. I walked to a hangor almost a mile from my car with my cain. Crossing a 4 way road Thousands of us were cursed by blm and other idiots. One said to me a woman in her mid 70’s. Trump hates the handicaps. I said so what. Then he said f you old b I hope you die soon. I, a small woman, looked him in the eye and said “God loves you, and so do I! I will pray for you.”He turned away and let me pass without addressing me again. When we got to the hanger, it looked like the tea party crowds who protested when Obama got in. Elderly, handicapped in wheelchairs, young, middleclass, men women, children
          young marrieds. Thousands of us for hope that Trump promises. Cruz got evangicals but so did Trump. We aren’t bad people and we are not chasing false prophets. We just disagree on who will be best to lead.We are such a divided nation. We must go for the one who can lead. I believe Trump can. I feel bad for Cruz but some people do not trust him or Kasich. Every time we voted for a person who professed to be a true Christian(G Bush, McCain, Romney, They lied to us. We need an outside the political arena person. If that makes fellow Americans hate us then we have lost our country already May the Lord come quickly. God bless you all.

          1. Does Trump’s history of supporting Hillary Clinton and her allies worry you? Does it concern you at all that Trump believes in big government solutions, just like Hillary? Are you in the least bit concerned that Trump regularly changes his positions on amnesty, abortion, single payer, and pretty much everything else? Does it bother you in the slightest that Trump blatantly lied on numerous occasions, most recently by heavily implying that Ted Cruz’s father was somehow involved in the assassination of jfk?

          2. Cruz never had any of his records sealed including his college records I do not know where you get your information from. Cruz was very eligible to run that question was solved in several courts not to mention that question was resolved decades ago when George Romney ran for president. Why you were and still are considered low information voters is because you listened to a man who lied at every moment possible to you. He says he is going to build a wall with Mexico paying for it … Never going to happen and the president is not in charge of appropriations so he cannot allocate money from one place to another. Not to mention he has always stated he is for touchback amnesty that means he will not be enforcing immigration laws that are currently law which if enforced are far tougher and do not allow for any kind of amnesty. Touchback amnesty means they can come right back. The man wants to raise tariffs which would be an economic disaster. Now he is moving further and further to the liberal socialist side everyday. Increase federal minimum wage, raise taxes, going back on the conservative policies his campaign pug out there, he already said he would compromise on the SCOTUS appointment. He hated Reagan and his economic plans that actually created jobs, he even spoke in congress at the time. We are on the brink of an economic bubble and Trump doesn’t have a plan to shrink government at all to shrink the bubble his ideas and ideals will only make it worse until it bursts and then you will be living in a worse economy. Why you are considered low information is because you don’t understand economics you don’t understand policy and that you said Cruz was doing anything establishment proves to me and every informed citizen who watches DC and the laws they pass like a hawk … Proves you have no idea whatsoever about what you are talking about and if it was trumps crybaby fake temper tantrums about delegates he had no problem when he won caucus states he had no problem that he won states with less than 40% of the vote but received all of the delegates because the field was so split. I will not be voting for trump he is a liberal democrat and I have been a constitutional conservative since I was ten years old and studied how this country was started, studied the writings of the founders, the battles they fought, Adam Smith, john Locke, de Montesquieu, the fall of the roman republic, just to understand why and what our country was all about, studied the former presidents what mistakes they made like Hoover’s economic policies of tariff wars helped bring us into the Great Depression along with FDR following Keynesian economics to help prolong the despair. Then you had Coolidge and Harding that understood the only way to create growth was to shrink government, they understood Adam smith economics and Austrian economist Hayek. Keynes wasn’t even an economist just a rich liberal blowhard who ideas have driven economy after economy into stagflation and inflationary distress ask Japan and Greece how well Keynesian economics work. That is the thing if you really don’t know your history and how Trumps ideas have been proven detrimental to the USA economy how would anyone consider you informed. That you believed the conman and all of the lies he spewed is very very sad especially at your age.

          3. Dear Kate, Respectfully, at the age of 75 years young, I know quite a bit about politicians and and I do not like getting fooled by any of them. I am a Christian. I also do a lot of research and do not make my decisions on voting until I have seen what each of them say, and the way they act and what they do. Not a single candidate running tells the complete truth. Just where do you get your information from dear? I am not completely sold on any one of them but chose Trump because he was paying his own way. One of the largest issues we have in our government is the fact our politicians seem to sell their souls to the “donor” class to get elected. They are “bought” by those donors and owe political favors in return.

            Also, as we age, we change – views, opinions, political parties. It happens. Life teaches each of us different lessons, and sometimes those lessons make us change long-held views. To say a man is the same at 69 as he was at 39 is a foolish comparison. Will Trump be a good President? No one knows until we see what he does once he is in office. That is true of any Presidential candidate. What Trump has offered, and why I believe he has won so many voters, is a simple thing – hope. People hope he is going to do something to help America and to get jobs back in our country. They hope Trump will stop the “bleeding” of our Nation as our debt increases daily, and our jobs continue to leave the country – leaving more and more unemployed and hurting.

            For Cruz supporters, you don’t want Trump. Do you want Hillary…I mean really want Hillary? Can our country afford another 4 to 8 years of Obama policies and ideology? Are you willing to watch that happen because Cruz stopped running to become the nominee, and his quitting angered his supporters so much they want to snarl and spit?

            Every four years we are faced with a choice of two people running for President. All of us have to make a choice of who to vote for at that time. We almost NEVER like the candidate we vote for, and we almost NEVER trust either candidate. To not vote means you give up – you give up your right to complain about everything that happens from that point forward. You give up on the Nation, on the people who are suffering, on finding any solution to that suffering. You give up.

            Ted Cruz, I believe, would make a good Supreme Court Justice, an excellent U.S. Attorney General. There are so many opportunities for him to contribute to our Nation.

            I believe Senator Cruz’s greatest mistake was going “negative”. He stopped telling people what he was going to do, and kept insulting another candidate instead. That was his mistake. Of course, the media – who didn’t like Trump OR Cruz – only played his insults, not his more positive messages, and as a result the voters said a huge “no, thank you”. The voters believed the only thing Cruz was saying was insults and negative ads and such.

            Also, regardless of which candidate you supported, all the candidates should have united against the “paid” protestors at Trump’s rallies. Why? Because Freedom of Speech should never be abridged. Yelling curse words and causing injuries and riots is NOT a real protest. It is a criminal act. No candidate deserves this treatment, and no candidate is responsible for it when it happens.

            The fact is this – we all want one thing – hope for the future – for the children, for our Nation. That hope unites us. That hope should send you out to vote. United we stand, divided we fall. Ever think that all this hype and anger is being fed by the media and politicians to keep Americans divided? If Trump is the Republican nominee – we vote for him. Why? Because the alternative is too awful to contemplate.

            Presidents – if they follow the Constitution – are bound by it and they have Cabinets of advisors. I believe Trump will surround himself with a good group of advisors in order to be a good President – if for no other reason than he wants to succeed. I’ll take that because it keeps my hope for our future alive.

            With all due respect, I wish you well. May God bless you, and may God bless America.

        2. Mr. Loudon, I apologize for calling you Mr. Howard in my reply on Ted Cruz. I never sent a reply to anyone on the internet before . I meant to say Mr. Loudon. Sorry for that mistake. Dee

    3. I am so hurt and broken by the way this election has gone. I feel like the devil has had his way with the American people. I know that Ted Cruz is an amazing man, and as far as I am concerned, the only man fit for the role of my president. I hope he knows how much he STILL means to so many of us. And I hope he knows that so many of us still plan on writing his name down on that ballot when we go to vote for our president. You are still in our hearts Ted! We love you and could vote no other way!

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