Ted Cruz Responds To John Boehner FULL Press Conference With Carly Fiorina In Ft. Wayne


Ted Cruz

From NewsMax:

On Wednesday, Boehner, during a chat with Stanford University, blasted Cruz as a “miserable son of a b****” and called him “Lucifer in the flesh.”

“I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a b— in my life,” Boehner commented.

He further said that he and front-runner Donald Trump play golf together and are “texting buddies,” but he would not vote for Cruz even if he does get the GOP nomination.

But on Thursday, Cruz said he’s never worked with Boehner, and he’s only met him two or three times.

“If I said 50 words in my life to John Boehner, I’d be surprised,” said Cruz, nothing that “every one” of those conversations “has consisted of pleasantries like ‘good to see you, Mr. Speaker.'”

“I’ve never had any substantive conversation with John Boehner in any respect,” said Cruz, but he did comment that during the government shutdown, he and Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee reached out to Boehner.

“I offered to come over and work with the speaker,” said Cruz. “I asked him, ‘can we resolve this and actually get something meaningful done to stop the disaster that is Obamacare?’ John Boehner’s response was ‘I have no interest in talking to you. What possibly could be accomplished by having a conversation? No, I will not meet.'”

So, said Cruz, “when he says I’m the biggest SOB he’s ever worked with, he’s never worked with me.”

And Boehner is angry, said Cruz, because conservatives said that if they promised to repeal Obamacare, that meant “let’s actually stand up and fight Obamacare. What Boehner is angry with is that we said if we promise to stop amnesty, let’s actually honor our promises.”

Further, said Cruz, Boehner is angry because the “American people are holding him accountable.”

And over the years, said Cruz, Trump has been “writing checks to Boehner, writing checks to Hillary, funding the corrupt system.”

Boehner is angry, said Cruz, “because I led a movement of the people to hold Washington accountable. Donald Trump is playing a part or playing a role to use the word of his lobbyist campaign manager, pretending to be an outsider.

“Donald Trump is the ultimate Washington insider. He is a lobbyist who has gotten rich exploiting government power to hammer the little guy.”

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3 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Responds To John Boehner FULL Press Conference With Carly Fiorina In Ft. Wayne

  1. Who really cares WHAT boehner says about ANYONE he sold out the American people going along with the crowd.Then left without being stripped of all his benefits.Able to get out and put in a replacement just like himself.Americans are looking to someone like Cruz to have
    the guts and stand up to this bunch.He can and will.

  2. Boehner cooked his own goose. He was forced out and resents that. He doesn’t like Cruz because Ted is upsetting the Good Old Boys club. Of course the rats don’t want to leave their cozy lair.

    Who cares who Boehner would or would not vote for. He is irrelevant. The sooner he and his ilk are gone, the better.

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