Why Is Small Town America Being Inundated With Muslim Immigrants?

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


Looks like my old stomping grounds in Montana are heating up. People there are not taking Obama’s plan to force refugees on them lying down. There was a protest in Missoula, Montana at 10 a.m. this morning over that very issue. It is just one of many battles brewing out there in small town America.

Small towns in the sparsely populated parts of America are the perfect place to relocate these refugees. Especially, if your agenda includes politically terraforming the country. The West is historically conservative in their politics. Many are Republicans and Libertarians. Even the Democrats hearken back to an earlier time when they were more conservative in nature. Obama and the Democrats can’t have that. They need to have an entire country willing to submit to Marxist diktats. They need areas seeded with those who will vote Democrat and ensure that they stay in power no matter what.

And it’s not just voting demographics that are pushing this move either. I personally believe that there is a warped logic to all of this. That if Islam can be made the predominant religion in America, people will be more easily controlled. That’s insane of course and won’t work, but there you have it. Instead, Shariah law will be implemented and you will see the same atrocities occurring in Europe happen here. The big difference being, that at least for now, Americans are armed and will use those weapons to protect their neighbors, loved ones and country.

Bringing in the refugees also moves forward the Cloward and Piven strategy to overwhelm the system so it will collapse and cause chaos in the streets. These people want to tear the system apart, so they can replace it with something truly heinous. The Obama administration will never admit that this is the plan, but can you honestly look at what is going on today and tell me it isn’t? Our borders are wide open. We are not vetting anyone to speak of and security here in the US is worse than before 9/11.


Communities in states such as Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and Kansas are being infused with Muslim refugees even though they are not wanted by the residents or the local law enforcement. The feds and their leaders are not giving them a choice. Wyoming is the only state currently not participating in the program, but even the governor there wants to jump in it. Living in large cities would be too costly for the refugees and more can be accomplished with seeding them across the plains. In a small town, they can turn everything to their advantage in short order. Since many of our larger cities are already flooded with immigrants from south of the border and from Muslim nations, in many respects they have at least partially fallen to the ploy already. This is the fundamental transformation of America in play. South Carolina, Idaho, Minnesota, North Dakota and Michigan are vigorously fighting against this program and Obama’s ‘change’.

The same entitlements, jobs, lodging and freebies will be given to these refugees in small town America. But that will mean taking more and more away from locals in these same communities. These immigrants bring crime and disease with them. As crime rises, people will leave which will hasten the take over of these towns. At least that is what Obama and his friends hope for. I pray that people dig in and decide to stay and fight if they can.


Which brings me back to Missoula where they had a protest this morning in front of the county courthouse. Refugees are being brought into Helena and Missoula and the people there don’t want them. We’re talking about hundreds of Muslims. Other rallies in Twin Falls, Idaho and Fargo, North Dakota are planned as well. I have friends in Idaho that just won’t stand for this invasion.

It’s the same old story here. NGOs with lots of money and a pro-immigrant agenda are seeking out politicians who can be bought basically, or that can be forced into compliance one way or the other. These individuals, such as Sand Point, Idaho, Mayor Shelby Rognstad, conspire against their constituency until they are forced by the people to back down. The politicians in Missoula seem to have sold out to this movement. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to find out what each of them was offered in exchange for their support in resettling large number of Islamic refugees in their areas.

Witness the great sellout:

Here in “Big Sky Country” local politicians in Missoula, working with pro-immigrant NGOs, are inviting the federal government to begin sending Syrians, comparing them to the Hmong refugees who fled Vietnam’s communists in the late 1970s. They have not been deterred by the fact that 98 percent of Syrian refugees are Sunni Muslims, the vast majority of whom FBI Director James Comey admits are impossible to vet for ties to terrorism.

Despite Comey’s warnings, the Missoula Board of County Commissioners sent a letter on Jan. 13 to the U.S. State Department requesting Syrian refuges. “We look forward to seeing approximately 100 refugees per year resettled in Missoula,” the letter states.

“Missoula is an ideal city for resettling refugees,” the letter continues. “Our community enjoys good schools, incredible natural beauty, and a low unemployment rate, among other factors.”

Not for long if you bring these transplants in. We haven’t learned a damned thing from watching what is going on over in Europe. How do you justify the rapefugees in Germany and Sweden, who treat rape as game for a large number of players at a given event? How can you ignore the violence, the murders, the depravity that is the Ummah? What’s wrong with these people? Do money and power mean so much to them that they don’t care that they are selling America out to a hellish nightmare movement? Imagine your wives, daughters, mothers, neighbors… little children… subjected to these beasts. What would you do?


I lived in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. My daughter still lives up that way. Sandpoint, Idaho is not far from there. The good people there are making a stand against politicians who would bring in these refugees. And they are winning. Just last week they voted to withdraw a resolution supporting refugee resettlement; stopping, at least for now, a bitter war between the residents and the politicians. The people at that meeting were enthusiastically victorious and cheered as newly elected (and probably short-lived) Sandpoint Mayor Shelby Rognstad asked the council to withdraw the resolution from consideration. A measure meant to counter statements from Bonner County commissioners and Sheriff Darryl Wheeler opposing the resettlement of refugees, the resolution was intended to restate Sandpoint’s commitments to human rights, according to Rognstad.

“This resolution has only served to divide us and this community,” said Rognstad, as he requested the withdrawal. “That saddens me.”

I’ll bet it does because his bread was probably buttered with goodies if he played ball. He was roundly lambasted by the audience over his moronic, treacherous statements.

Twin Falls, Idaho has also been fighting the refugee resettlement program tooth and nail. But they are not having nearly as much success as Sandpoint has unfortunately. The Twin Falls Times is now reporting that starting on October 1st, approximately 300 Muslim refugees, mostly from Syria, will arrive there. There are 45,000 people in Twin Falls. I lived there for a while when I was little. It was idyllic. Not for long… that’s just the first wave. There are more on the way from Iraq, Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Community leaders were told at a recent Boise State University conference held for “stakeholders” — including church groups and social service providers — that a couple of thousand refugees are planned to a arrive statewide soon.

This is nothing less than an invasion and a displacement of the people who have lived in these areas for generations. It is the redistribution of a religious demographic and this will not end well. Over 90% of the refugees from Syria alone are Sunni Muslims. And in their midst are terrorists, I guarantee it. They will move in and begin converting whole communities to Islam using sweet talk and threats. Many, many more mosques will pop up that are funded by the likes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The call to prayer will be heard where the buffalo roam and the antelope play. Shariah law will worm its tentacles into each community. I’m not being dramatic. I’m telling you this will happen if this keeps up.

This is how countries fall and slaves are made. This is the Caliphate moving into our midst and those who support ISIS will set up house in these small towns. What do you think will happen? And it won’t take that long either. It didn’t in Germany, France, Norway or Sweden. Why would it be different here?

We are being lied to by the Obama administration and by our leaders. They claim they will bring in 10,000 a year. Don’t make me laugh. You can look for a minimum of 100,000 to 200,000 a year to come in once the floodgates are opened. Obama himself has said this and he means it. All of these refugees will come from Islamic countries and the vast majority will be Muslim. Almost none of them will be Christians.

They do not assimilate… they do not integrate. Instead, they force communities to conform to how they wish to live. People need to check into what is going on and what is about to happen where they live. Your politicians will not willingly tell you. Why is this happening? It’s simply a political agenda. One that wants more power and money for those in control and one that wants to get rid of our pesky constitutional rights and subjugate Americans. Obama acts more like a proxy for the mullahs of Iran these days than President of the United States. We each need to fight this in our communities before it is too late. This is the beginning of the Hijrah migration here in the US and it is the ultimate enemy within.


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14 thoughts on “Why Is Small Town America Being Inundated With Muslim Immigrants?

  1. This is all nonsense, first of all sharia law is a law that was in place hundreds of years ago and only a few countries in the middle east are extreme. I’m guaranteeing not one of you has ever even met a Muslim, you’re all a bunch of ignorant haters. If you follow christianity the way the bible states you should it’s just as strict as the quran. Including a passage in deuteronomy that says you should cut off your wife’s hand if they involve themselves in their husbands physical fight with another man and not feel bad about it. Muslims get attacked by isis more than any other group because it’s a group looking for power not religious change and the reason they need a place to go is because George Bush invaded Iraq so it’s this governments fault essentially and now there’s a lot of families without homes. If any of you paid attention and researched what happened over there you wouldn’t have anything to say.

  2. Obama can be resisted but you have to stand up and say NO. He tried to send 600 unaccompanied minor males to my hometown of Lawrenceville, VA, population 1500. Can you imagine 600 minors, up to 18 years old, in a small farm town of 1500. 1 per every 3 citizens. With no real security, just an old abandoned college campus. They fought back and the government backed down!!

  3. It is breaking my heart to see what is happening in North Idaho. I’m glad that Sandpoint has presence of mind to fight and keep potential terrorists from being dropped in their little town, but how long can they keep them out? When all these refugees piling into Twin Falls decides to move northward?

    I’m in the Flathead valley of Northern Montana. After saving money all of our lives to come here, my husband and I finally found a small, modest and affordable place to retire. Where we can be far from the city, far from crime and just enjoy peace and quiet. Grow our vegetables, watch the sunset on the porch, and take in the most beautiful and breathtaking snow capped mountains I’ve ever seen in winter. Our place is idyllic and we both worked our hinds end off to come here. Call me cruel, but I do not want to see it destroyed. I don’t want to see anywhere in the U.S. destroyed…. but most of all I don’t want to drive into town, and see a burka clad woman roaming around. I don’t want to see people losing more jobs so that migrants can have them. I don’t want to see community resources for the people dry up so that migrants can have those too. I don’t want to see Muslims roaming about, telling others that they must abide by their rules now.

    We can’t have this. We will have to stand and fight together. It is a shame the liberals in Missoula cannot open their eyes and see what happened to the kind people of Sweden and Germany. They opened up their arms to the migrants and welcomed them in with kindness, and look at what they have received in return. Even the nicest looking muslim family coming with smiles on their faces and quiet voices are coming as muslims, from a culture that does not assimilate with American culture, in America’s Northwestern towns. They will expect everyone to cater to their demands, and pretty soon, muslim rugs will be in the public schools, while Christianity will not be allowed. Pretty soon, these small western towns will have bullhorn speakers playing their call to prayer. No liberal will believe it can happen, and if it does happen, they will welcome it gladly. If rapes happen, liberals will tell us to be gentle…. to cover up more and don’t walk into their areas as they now tell German women to do.

    Every bit of this migration has been planned out and designed to break the large cities down… and now the beautiful little towns, where salt of the earth American people reside, who just want to work hard and live good lives. It’s all about to be torn apart. Enjoy it while you can.

      1. How about we send them all to you “Wilfong”? Will that be enough documentation? You are a Obama troll!

  4. “Imagine your wives, daughters, mother, neighbors…little children…subjected to these beasts.” Yeah. And what I am going to say is going be really harsh, but all of this was going on long before this flood of refugees going on last year forward. Unrestrained ‘immigration’ was going on for years over there (here too, look at all these ‘communities’ all over the nation). When you hear the term “Asian youths” in the news that is code from the ‘political class’ for Moslems.

    All of this, the flooding of immigration, rapes, robbing, assaulting by what was being deemed as “Asian youths” was going unpunished, hidden, ignored, in Norway to an extreme degree and was part of Anders Breivik’s reasoning in his ‘manifesto’. It was one of his conclusions that until that ‘political class’ was punished sufficiently enough nothing would change. He owned what he did knowing he’d only get 20 years. They ended up giving him 21. Someone or groups of someones (as we’re now seeing happening in Germany) are going to snap again and it’s not going to be good.

    Norway was that proverbial canary in the coal mine that everyone ignored too.

  5. I say if he politicians who go against the majority of the people’s wishes & allow the refugees into their cities then they need to start by housing them in THEIR HOUSE!! See how fast thy change their minds then.

  6. Simply do melt all of them in!.. My own manual on that has gotten into circulation a decade or so ago already in fact. But drop all those dammned sanctions first of course.

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