FAKE pro-Trump twitter account claims voter fraud in #IowaCaucus

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We were first made aware of fake Trump twitter account @LandmanMarius when “sundance” at The Conservative Treehouse used it as source for FALSE claims that staffers were leaving Ted Cruz’s campaign. The blatant lie was accompanied by a series of tweets (repeated lies) by @LandmanMarius claiming he met with the fake staffer.

Blocked by Storm Trumper2
Marius Landman of Australia is likely not involved in American politics.

“Sundance,” not surprisingly, since referred to this author as a “dumy” and removed the fake claim from his anti-Cruz smear piece. Shockingly, it appears at the time of this writing that a defiant “sundance” re-inserted the lie back on his propaganda article:

lies repeated by Conservative Tree House

It appears that @LandmanMarius has not stopped riling the Storm Trumpers, however. In the wake of Ted Cruz’s win in Iowa, the fuming pro-Trumper implied that voter fraud was involved in the Iowa Caucus:

Not surprisingly, his tweets prompted some nasty replies:

All Americans could learn from David Limbaugh’s wise advice:

But in the meantime, fake twitter accounts and slander should not be tolerated by anyone, no matter who you support.


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