12 thoughts on “DeMint Exposes Obama’s Fallacious “Economic Recovery”

  1. This was well with viewing. How do we stop them spending. My own budget dictates that if I don’t have enough money for something I deferr the spending. Sometimes that means when I do have the money I can see two things, I no longer NEED it and no longer desire it. Pretty simple.

    So sick and tired of this arrogant man who I call a usurper in the White House. He is so lame. Why haven’t our leaders looked into Soros and his subversion. The laws on the books for subversion of our government have not been repealed, so what gives? Arrest them all and at a minimum kick them our of office.

    Oh, don’t forget to arrest those in the media who help by repeating this communist/ socialist pablum. Do they really think they will be better off with America not free?

    Frustrated and yes a bit scared, but my guess is, all those who stood up to King George were scared too.

  2. This is all deliberate. Research Agenda 21. They have to destroy our constitutional republic in order to fully implement it. It takes away all rights to private property and forces all to live in a totalitarian form of government by unelected officials.

  3. The fact that Soros is an active and respected member of both the American and european CFR and that there is no investigation into the Soros SOS project tells me dems and repubs are working together despite the outward display of disagreement (circus show). The American people are a source of revenue for their plans.

  4. One other thing – Let us address the Stupid Vs. deliberate question.

    The meme is that no one could be this stupid to not know that what they are doping will unleash untold damage to the nation, that this has to be a deliberate act on their part to bring down the economy for as yet unknown reasons.

    This side of the argument is gaining more and more strength as each day passes and the economy gets worse and worse.

    Even some one ignorant in the workings of a prosperous economy would have to know by now that what they are doing is the wrong direction and that they to do something else.

    Nevertheless, all indications are that although they have to know what kind of damage they are unleashing on the nation, they persist in the same course of action.

    Even someone with a low IQ can learn from their mistakes, but the Obama bunch doesn’t seem to pick this up.

    1. I don’t think they consider what they are doing mistakes. It is purposeful and evil. This is what happens when your advisors are drugged out 60s hippies. God bless America!

  5. One of the current meme’s to djour is that Obama and company are either to stupid to know they are destroying the economy and the country, or they are doing it on purpose.

    The larger question that springs for this is how do these dunderheads think they are going to pull their derrieres out of the fire?

    We are fast approaching their own re-election ‘Judgement day’ – how do they think they will be judged?

    You have to ask yourself, how do they think they will survive this politically?

    How do they think they’re are going to escape the political repercussions of a bad economy?

    Do they really think that repeatedly screaming that ‘Republicans want to destroy Medicare’ and that ‘they care’ is going to provide smooth sailing back into the White house?

    This is the scary part of this, if they are smart enough to know that they are deliberately destroying the economy, they must have some sort of ‘Plan’ pull off a win in 2012.

    They may think that some improving econ numbers may do the trick, but what if it does not?

    What is their plan B?

    They’ve spent years running things into the ground. Now how are they going to avoid the blame for this?

  6. I see better contenders; West, Palin, Bachman. I think that, while his general thrust is correct, he is engaging in a bit of spin. And it is transparent.

    And before it is noted, I know that Palin and West haven’t declared – and West probably won’t. But that is where the bar is set.

  7. It’s a shame the American people vote based on looks. Were that not so, DeMint could take out Obama with both hands tied behind his back. Great video Trevor.

    1. Keep track of George Soros though; for he is seeking to have his own secretaries of states put into most of the states of our great nation. The reason is simple, in any election, it is the secretary of state that certifies the votes towares the election of the nations leader…

      So the saying of Soros, in his own words, “You do not need to control the voters, you only need to control those who certify the votes.”


      In having the certifiers of the peoples votes in his pocket, he has the Power to make the choice as HE sees fit; and the control on the elections to make it stick.

    2. I think he looks just fine! I look forward to seeing Obama debate any Republican candidate. Obama never speaks an entire sentence without multiple pauses (and that’s only with a teleprompter!)

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