WATCH: Ted Cruz confronted by angry ethanol farmer; responds like a President (video)

Ted Cruz confronted by farmer
Ted Cruz confronted by farmer in Iowa

Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz was confronted by a farmer in Iowa who accused him of planning to take away his ethanol subsidies while funding “big oil.” Cruz responded with a clear grasp of the facts surrounding the ethanol market and explained that he did not want any industries “across the board” to be dependent on the government.

Ted Cruz’s position on ethanol has been misrepresented over and over and over, but here it is in his OWN words.

As observed at IJ Review:

What was remarkable, however, is how Ted Cruz — through a calm demeanor and a deep knowledge of the subject manner — manages to win the farmer over…

“I hope the farmers vote for you,” the farmer ultimately said.

Whether or not the farmer will vote for Cruz, there is no doubt that he respected Cruz’s honesty.

It is not a stretch to believe that the “culture of kindness and courage” described within the Cruz campaign headquarters is a tribute to Cruz’s genuine dedication to the principles of morality found in Christianity.

Cruz being brave enough to stand against subsidies for ethanol also shows his dedication to the principles of limited government as envisioned by the founding fathers.

Watch the exchange:


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15 thoughts on “WATCH: Ted Cruz confronted by angry ethanol farmer; responds like a President (video)

  1. Ted Cruz is really a very gracious man, who is sincere and actually cares for the little guy out there. I can not imagine any other candidate grasping half of what Cruz knows on these subjects.

    1. Really? When he lied, cheated and used fraud to take the votes away from Carson and someone who has lied through his whole campaign when he voted one way and told the American people the opposite. I caught him in a lie when he said he supports our vets when he voted against a bill in 2015 to extend benefits to our vets and has a poor record of service to our vets!! and he is suppose to be a Christian? He is a phony and has lied just like Obama did just to get elected!! I tried to warn you people in Iowa but you wouldn’t listen!! Google Ted Cruz and The North American Union which he and his wife are members of!! He and his wife support open borders and contrary to what he says he is for amnesty!! He is just another lying politician supported by special interest groups and Goldman Sachs is one of them!!Cruz wants to reform our social security and raise the age when you can retire to 70 so when you retire you will die first!! You people better not put another mistake in our highest office again!!

  2. This is a joke. Do you really think big oil is financing Cruz’s campaign, because he’s cutting oil subsidies? Please! All presidents lie to get into office. It’s the name of the game. Tell the people you’re for them but behind it all is big $ and the role of the elected officials is to cater 2 Big $ that put them in power at the end of the day & not the people. Think about it. Police are always called against strikers, but never against the bosses.

  3. Wow. Yeah. That’s the man we know from Texas. That is who we fought to put in Kay Bailey Hutchison’s seat [finally] to put in the US Senate, and the subsequent run off with the establishment Dewhurst [don’t even get me started on that one] with hopes he’ll go all the way. That right there is the epitome of why the GOPe and everyone else hates his bloody guts. He needs to get that guy’s permission and make a national commercial of it. Weird too, that is the man Sarah Palin endorsed then too. Don’t know what has changed her so. Angry at them all, I suppose. Hard to blame her considering it all. But, oh well.

    Plus, on a side note, Robert Mercer has always been in his corner. That might not necessarily be a good point for some, but if we’re pitting ‘billionaires’ against other ones, Wall Street, etc…I’ll take Mercer any day. A good piece to read, though I’m pretty sure they meant it as a hit piece of sorts, I took it as a reaffirmation to him [Mercer], to understand that comment is:

    In my opinion, the man is a live, modern day John Gault if that means anything to you.

    1. The fact that Ted took the time from his Platform and Microphone to explain his plan (one on one) with the Farmer says a lot about the character of Ted Cruz Himself as a Man and not just as a Candidate.

      1. I’ve read that it takes 3.5 gallons of gas to produce one gallon of ethanol and that ethanol reduces mileage by 25%. How does this fit into the discussion?

        1. It is true that it takes 3 gallons of gas to make one gallon of ethanol. It is true that ethanol created problems for small engines. It is true mileage is less.
          With all these bad things, why would we keep funding it?
          It’s one of those weird programs that actually created jobs for fellow Americans. This is not like wasting billions testing shrimp on a treadmill. In fact, ethanol could easily off set by defending funding grants!

    2. How can the Iowans have voted for this candidate who lied, cheated and used fraud to win? and he is suppose to be a Christian? I tried to tell you people he lied through his whole campaign. I caught him in a lie when he said he supports our veterans when in 2015 voted against a bill to extend benefits to our vets and has a poor record of service to our vets!! Cruz is against subsidizing ethanol for the farmers in Iowa!! Look it up!! He is against it people and you farmers voted for him??
      Google Ted Cruz and the North American union he and his wife are members of !he and his wife support open borders and he supports amnesty!! Cruz is a phony and lied just like Obama!! You will see if he is elected!! He is part of the establishment
      supported by super pacs!! He is supported by Goldman Sachs and other big special interest!! You people should have done your homework before voting for him!!

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