WATCH: Mass shooting occurs during #TrumpRiot; Media ignores (video)

Seattle's Socialist Alternative organize anti-Trump rally. Note the manufactured signs and the hammer & sickle logo.
Seattle’s Socialist Alternative organize anti-Trump rally. Note the manufactured signs and the hammer & sickle logo.

“The five victims range in age from their 20s to 50s, and they have gunshot wounds to their legs, chest and neck.” – The Seattle Times, November 10, 2016

Seattle police are assuring citizens that a virtually unreported mass shooting has nothing to do with an anti-Trump rally incited by Seattle socialists, featuring Kshama Sawant, the Marxist Seattle city council member who is significant as being the only socialist to run openly as a member of Socialist Alternative, a Trotskyist organization.

The shooting occurred “outside the 7-Eleven store on Third Avenue between Pike and Pine streets,” close to where protesters gathered, carrying their “Socialist Alternative” signs after being encouraged by Kshama Sawant to “attend the inauguration and shut it down.”


The socialist-organized rally started “about 4 p.m. [at Westlake Park] and moved to the streets about an hour later” according to the local NBC affiliate According to the Seattle Police Blotter, police “rushed to 3rd Avenue and Pine Street after hearing gunfire” at 6:45 p.m.

This screenshot of Google Maps illustrates that the initial rally location (Westlake Park) is a very short distance to the mass shooting location Pine Street & 3rd Avenue:

Rally location Westlake Park to mass shooting location Pine Street & 3rd Avenue

However, police were quick to say that the shooting was not related to the socialist-organized anti-Trump rally.

Watch a local report:

It is unclear how the police are certain that the mass shooting was not connected to the rally, since they do not yet have a suspect.

Kshama Sawant is a Trotskyist. Trotskyists believe in the concept of permanent revolution, the notion that as a path to communism, the underclass globally undertakes a “consistently militant series of political demands and tactics.” This is different than Stalin’s path to communism, which consists of taking over one country at a time and consolidating the gains before moving on to the next.

Anti-Trump protesters rallied in Westlake Park Wednesday. (Photo:
Anti-Trump protesters rallied in Westlake Park Wednesday. (Photo:

It was Stalin, by the way, who had Trotsky murdered. Communists are never “tolerant” of opposing viewpoints.

Kshama Sawant is calling for a “nationwide shutdown” on Inauguration Day.

It should be noted that police leadership (or at least whoever is running their Twitter account) has fallen in lockstep with the political views of the “progressive” Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, who was in the news this week for saying that Seattle will remain a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants.

Seattle PD agrees with Mayor Ed Murray of Seattle that Trump supporters are not welcome
Screenshot of Tweet: Seattle PD evidently agrees with Mayor Ed Murray of Seattle that Trump supporters are not welcome.

Hopefully, Seattle PD will find the perpetrator and bring justice to the five victims and their loved ones.

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Author: renee nal

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8 thoughts on “WATCH: Mass shooting occurs during #TrumpRiot; Media ignores (video)

  1. The socialists/communists are determined that, even though their candidate lost, they will undermine the presidency of Donald Trump. The earmarks of professional community organizing are very evident. George Soros and Obama are behind these riots and marches. China is taking over the entertainment industry and celebrities are afraid to lose their jobs if they support Donald Trump in any way.
    Let us hope and pray that our new president cancels the disastrous executive orders and rules of the past eight nightmare years.

  2. Trevor: Can Keywiki build a section on the Anti-Trump protest movement including the names of organizations, their leaders and key members, samples of their signs/slogans, etc?

    This is a new group of leftist idiots that we are going to have to deal with for a long time so I would benefit your readers and outside researchers to have a single, go-to source, for this kind of information.

    I suggest that a new Section/Page be created with a name such as “Anti-Trump Protestors” or “Protestors, Anti-Trump”, and then have the entries done under subheadings such as National Protest Groups, University Protest Groups, City Protest Groups, and bluelinks from groups to individuals and vice-versa.

    This would cover the years 2016 onward. KW readers can contribute local information to the site, thus giving it a nationwide and local reporting arm.

    Good information on who the protestors really are can be used against the mainstream media who won’t accurately identify the Marxists, black extremists, jihadists, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, and anarchist groups/elements and movements.

      1. Renee Nal:

        Good to hear that KW is going to do this.

        One good website to monitor for this type of information if Freepers not only put in local news articles and videos, but they also provide their own on-site reporting, pictures and videos.

        This type of source/information is worth its’ weight in gold in terms of building up a KW section on the radicals of 2016, and it will help get both FR and KW new readers who are interested in the subject.

        Conservatives and sane independents can help to expose the radical Left with “facts” and first-hand information, something the mainstream media has long failed to do, and when they do it, they have no idea who they are writing about.

        The more the Left riots, the better it is for us to start creating a KW dossier on them. I know many political researchers across the country who would love to have a “go-to” site, such as KW, for this information, and that would also include police intelligence units.

        At one time, when I was an Associate Editor of “The Pink Sheet on the Left/American Sentinel”, our newsletter was sent to 500 police departments (for free) who had been cut off from internals security operations and intelligence by politicians who feared lawsuits by the Communist Party legal fronts and the ACLU (many of which crippled or destroyed key intell units in the major cities, something from which they have never fully recovered).

        We filled an intelligence void for many years and were glad to see that a few other organizations such as “Information Digest”, American Security Council’s newsletter, The Cardinal Minzenty Foundation newsletter, and YAF’s newsletter were also doing this.

        KW, along with (David Horowitz’s group), and a few other conservative websites, can be one of the best sources of information for both our readers and for police departments since the newspapers wont’ do or don’t know how to do it.

        Glad to see that KW is on the ball and rolling!

  3. Its disgusting to see open Marxism & Comminusts marching in the United States.

    More concerning is the map of 18-25 years olds voting preference.

    The US youth has been conditioned by the media & entertainment role models. Where is the FBI while this socialist psyop is performed?

    Somehow the US youth need to be deprogrammed.

    1. It isn’t just the media and entertainment industries responsible. The government indoctrination centers are the worst culprits, and they have these kids more hours of the day than their own parents, and every moment of every hour they’re being socially engineered.

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