Report: Trump ‘openly praising’ Harry Reid on campaign trail

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid

Free Beacon writer Stephen Gutowski tweeted on Friday that presidential candidate Donald Trump was “openly praising” Senate Minority leader Harry Reid “for attacking Romney over his tax returns when Romney was running against Obama.”

Trump’s praise for Reid comes in the wake of criticism of Trump by Senator Ted Cruz during Thursday’s GOP debate in Houston for “funding Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.” Via the Washington Post, in response to Trump’s assertion that Cruz is not well-liked in D.C., Cruz responded:

You know, I actually think Donald is right. He is promising if he’s elected he will go and cut deals in Washington. And he’s right. He has supported — he has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats. Anyone who really cared about illegal immigration wouldn’t be hiring illegal immigrants. Anyone who really cared about illegal immigration wouldn’t be funding Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi; wouldn’t be funding the Gang of Eight. And, you know, he is right. When you stand up to Washington, when you honor the promise you made to the men and women who elected you and say enough with the corruption, enough with the cronyism, let’s actually stand for the working men and women of this country, Washington doesn’t like it.

And Donald, if you want to be liked in Washington, that’s not a good attribute for a president.

Earlier this month, Reid reportedly praised Donald Trump for being “authentic,” as reported at The Hill.

“You may not agree with his authenticity, but he’s authentic. People like that. He speaks his mind, which reminds me of me once in a while. I think that’s something that’s refreshing,” Reid said.

Here are the tweets:

Harry Reid is no friend to conservatives, as this author has written extensively about some particularly vile and contradictory political maneuvers during the last several years (see here, herehere, here & here).


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