Crazy Town: More silly accusations aimed at Ted Cruz reported as fact

Former Speaker John Boehner meeting with Rep. Trey Gowdy
Former Speaker John Boehner meeting with Rep. Trey Gowdy via

Lies are regularly being attributed to Ted Cruz for the flimsiest of reasons, without evidence. Some ill-informed people shockingly accept these accusations as fact, nodding and cheering along the most baseless of charges with enthusiasm.

The most recent example of this can be found at the Wall Street Journal. Using an all-too-common tactic of subtle language manipulation, an outrageous charge becomes a news story in a once-respectable publication. The title alone, “Rubio Camp Accuses Cruz Backers of Dirty Facebook Tricks,” is an indicator that evidence of anti-Cruz allegations will be sorely lacking.

The latest fake accusation is so mind-numbingly stupid that this author is at a loss how few are calling out the Wall Street Journal. In a nutshell, someone claiming to be Trey Gowdy on a Facebook page said he switched his allegiance from Marco Rubio to Ted Cruz. It was not Trey Gowdy.

Here is the post:

Any thinking person would have thought twice over believing this post. It does not have the “verified” check mark and it is short, vague and unlikely. The post misspelled the word intellect as “intillect.” Trey Gowdy has shown himself as loyal to the GOP establishment with his support of John Boehner.

Anyone who is remotely politically inclined and/or has two brain cells to rub together would likely write off the fake endorsement. But that did not stop Trey Gowdy from releasing a statement or Marco Rubio’s campaign from accusing Ted Cruz’s campaign of an “underhanded tactic,” without any evidence that Ted Cruz’s staff had anything at all to do with the it.

According to the fake news story at the WSJ:

In a statement released by the Rubio campaign, Mr. Gowdy disavowed the post, accused Mr. Cruz’s team of dirty tricks and requested that the Texas senator repudiate the message.

“In the last week, we have seen a systematic effort by Senator Cruz and his allies to spread false information and outright lies in the hopes of winning votes by appealing to our lowest common denominator,” Mr. Gowdy said.

The idiotic story was repeated at the Hill, the Washington Examiner, and a host of others.

Ted Cruz denied having anything to do with the fake post. If anyone could produce evidence that he did, this author would gladly eat her car.


Author: renee nal

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13 thoughts on “Crazy Town: More silly accusations aimed at Ted Cruz reported as fact

  1. Come on! It probably was done by some Cruz supporter on Twitter. I doubt it was done by a campaign, because it is obvious that the Twitter account isn’t Gowdy’s. If the Wall Street Journal made a big deal out of it, then shame on them.

    At least it doesn’t affect an actual primary or caucus vote, as the dirty tricks in Iowa did. That was actual damage done by the Cruz campaign organization to Dr. Ben Carson. Cruz admitted it, and apologized, but the damage was already done.

    Did I miss Trevor Loudon’s post about that?

    1. Yeah. You missed a lot. But considering it takes nothing more than a little effort to go look for yourself I’m not surprised you’re falling for the lies too. You have no clue what some of these insiders will do.

      The NRSC were thick as thieves here on the ground in Texas, no way were they going to let Hutchinson’s seat go to some upstart “TEA Party” ‘pseudo’ candidate upset their apple carts who was going to hold them accountable and had the reputation to back it up. Who the hell did we think we were telling these people who we wanted instead of them telling us. Dewhurst was their man, his creds for being one of them were long and deeply established here.

      They were annihilating TEA party candidates across the freaking nation, ripping characters and reputations to shreds the likes of which would make Hillary Clinton proud. And everyone now is like, Look! Squirrel! They hated the TEA Party, they still do, and they especially hate our bloody guts for their loses, twice, since it went to a run-off.

      Ted Cruz was one of THE conservatives of the nation. His election to the Senate was as epic as Dave Brat defeating Cantor, or Rand Paul going to the Senate, Marco Rubio defeating Charlie Crist, or Scott Brown defeating Martha Coakley, though that latter turned out how everyone expected the principle still stands, that NO, it was not the “Ted Kennedy seat”, it was The People’s seat. Didn’t take long for him to fade and lose to Lieawatha Warren though, did it.

      And then before two years are even up Marco Rubio had already sold out by the time Cruz got there. His US Senate term is up January 2017. If he loses the Presidential nomination, he’ll never see the US Senate again, and he knows it. They’ll vote Cruz, or even Trump before they’ll vote Rubio, he knows that too.

      Do your own homework, or not, the choice is up to you, isn’t it. It is no one’s job to convince you, though I highly doubt you want to be convinced, so do yourself a favor and stop pretending otherwise. But just remember, don’t complain when deserve has everything to do with what you get, and the real liars are once again exposed for what and who they are.

      1. The much touted Haley endorsement isn’t going to be that helpful to Rubio either. Many South Carolinians feel betrayed by her on the Syrian Refugee situation.

        What happens to these people who get to Washingtonn and totally betray the people who put them there?

        Not just candidates either, though Katrina Pierson and Sarah Palen both have political ambitions.

  2. Trey Gowdy said, “Marco is a rock solid conservative and a strong leader we can trust. ”Trey, do you even know what Conservative means? Ted Cruz is a TRUE Conservative and the best candidate running for office. Rubio, on the other hand, is a baby face lying SELLOUT and was/is the face of Amnesty. Here are reasons why not to support Marco Rubio for the Republican candidate for president: On 9/17/15 Marco Rubio was on the Sean Hannity radio show and still supports amnesty for the illegal immigrants in this country. The black lives matter or should they be called black lies, are agitators, being supported by George Soros and his ilk, and now Marco Rubio. Rubio also supports letting in the Syrian migrants/refugees stating that is who we are as a country. He did say they need to be vetted and said it would be difficult to do, because you could not contact the Syrian government to find out about them. What? The Arab Nations should handle the problem. The U.S. should not be taking in any refugees from Syria, because it is more likely than not some of them would be terrorists. It would be an invasion. Now, Rubio has a billionaire supporter who supports Amnesty and will become his puppet. Anyone who supports Amnesty or letting the Muslim “migrants” come into this country should be eliminated from the presidential race. The people need to WAKE up! BTW Trey, what if anything are you going to do about the many Federal law violations Killary Clinton has committed? Why are you not demanding AG Loretta Lynch do her job and prosecute her?

    1. Thanks for your comment – I have not scrutinized Marco Rubio, all I can say with certainty is that the grassroots in Florida feel that they were betrayed (twice) on Amnesty. The blatant lies he told on the debate stage reminded me of Obama – lying to those you know will not research the lies and pretty much laughing at everyone else. Conversely, the grassroots in Texas adores Ted Cruz. I trust the Tea Party.

  3. After everything we’ve worked so hard for these last 7 years it boggles the mind that people are just going to fall for this again. What is wrong with everyone that they seem to have gone into some sort of insane mind alternate universe that they’ve forgotten everything. Then there’s Palin, now Tim Scott, Mike Pompeo, now Mia Love. I wasn’t necessarily surprised by Gowdy, but for him to be so blinded all of a sudden makes me wonder what is going on here. Did they really sell out to corruption or are they just cowards and are yellow-bellied scared of the GOPe now, and frankly, I’m not sure which one of those scenarios are worse. This has all the earmarks of the NRSC written all over it.

    1. “Did they really sell out to corruption or are they just cowards and are yellow-bellied scared of the GOPe now, and frankly, I’m not sure which one of those scenarios are worse.”

      I ask myself that every day. I suspect the former.

      1. I know. Me too. I think I’d rather them be scared, at least that is something we can help to bolster them up with reassurance we’ve got their backs. Now I’m afraid they’ve started feeding the bad wolf. I wonder if their good wolf is dead yet, or worse, their good wolf died long ago.

        Bloody idiots. You just can’t fix stupid sometimes. Are they really so stupid they think people won’t hold them accountable? They’re willing to lose the House and Senate both because they’ve been convinced winning is more important than principles and they give us another McCain and Romney without ever feeling the breeze of irony as it flies over their heads. More validation for term limits, specifically the fire them term limits. 🙂

  4. I’m a big Ted Cruz supporter and even I know that post is a crock of crap…They tried it with Palin too…This is a setup…not sure if its Rubios campaign or Trumps…Or for that matter even Ben Carsons

    1. Thanks, Debra, I agree. It does feel like a set up, as do the “push-polls”… but unlike the Wall Street Journal, I would rather not put that out there until I have something other than speculation.

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