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Report: Trump ‘openly praising’ Harry Reid on campaign trail

Free Beacon writer Stephen Gutowski tweeted on Friday that presidential candidate Donald Trump was “openly praising” Senate Minority leader Harry Reid “for attacking Romney over his…

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#GOPDebate: Ted Cruz destroys the left-wing media (video)

Ted Cruz “excoriated the CNBC moderators for the third Republican presidential primary debate for turning the event into a ‘cage match’ that was trying to…

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#GOPDebate: Abortion ‘folk hero’ cited by MSM to bash Carson/Trump

The mainstream media has been using highly partisan pro-vaccine advocates to discredit Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson in the wake of an…

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#GOPdebate: Mark Levin debunks Trump “gotcha” questions

If Fox News/Megyn Kelly can act in such a way, what can we expect from the mainstream media?

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