Why Vladimir Putin Likes Donald Trump’s Fascism

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival


Robert Zubrin, author of Merchants of Despair, explains why the Kremlin likes Donald J. Trump for U.S. president and how Trump will serve the interests of Moscow for the purpose of “breaking” the West. Zubrin is the author of several articles about Alexander Dugin, the adviser to Vladimir Putin who has now endorsed Trump, Zubrin notes that Dugin’s anti-American alliance includes elements of the communist far-left and fascist far-right against Western values and the forces of freedom in the world. He says Trump’s foreign policy serves the Kremlin purpose of subverting the “Atlanticist” order of cooperation between Europe and the United States. Zubrin and host Cliff Kincaid discuss how Trump, who has favorably quoted the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, wants to move the Republican Party away from its conservative pro-liberty orientation. This will make the GOP like the far-right, pro-Putin political parties of Europe, such as the National Front of France. “Trump is not a conservative,” he says. “Trump is a national socialist.” Globally, he says Trump will turn the Middle East and Europe over to the the Russians and their surrogates. This strategy involves flooding Europe with refugees, in order to generate support for right-wing political parties sympathetic to Putin. We are now in the “biggest crisis we have faced since World War II,” he says.


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