More LIES: Viral video slamming Ted Cruz is a big fat fake

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With all of the bizarre rabid hatred for Ted Cruz, one would think that his sworn enemies would be able to find something bad about him that was actually true. In the latest anti-Ted smear piece at the Conservative Treehouse, a video featured by our friend “sundance” lies, lies, lies about Ted Cruz.

Created by the presumably well-funded Niskey whose Twitter account @NiskeyTV was born to hero-worship Donald Trump, the video had over 30,000 views at the time of this writing, gaining over 1,500 overnight.

Niskey’s technique is taking Ted Cruz’s words out of context and presenting them as flip flops. Whether the issue is Domestic Surveillance, Amnesty, or a federal registry for gun owners; Niskey turns Ted Cruz’s consistent statements into inconsistent statements.



Niskey made it seem like Ted Cruz was endorsing expansion of the National Security Administration’s (NSA) domestic surveillance abilities in this video, when in fact, Cruz was advocating for quite the opposite.

Initially, the NSA collected telephone metadata on everyone who happened to have a landline. How many terrorists use landlines? And it is unconstitutional for the NSA to have this information anyway!

The USA Freedom Act, which Ted Cruz was endorsing, was updated to include metadata from other sources like mobile phones. And unlike previous legislation, the new legislation limits government access to those phone records and declassifies FISA Court opinions, as reported at the Washington Post.

The big fat liar Niskey did not explain this, but instead took Ted Cruz completely out of context saying that The USA Freedom Act, “…expands that so now we have cell phones, now we have Internet phones…” making it seem that Cruz endorses unconstitutional domestic surveillance.

Niskey's Trump-obsessed profile on Twitter
Niskey’s Trump-obsessed profile on Twitter


In 2013, Ted Cruz wanted to expose the fact that “comprehensive immigration reform” had nothing to do with “bringing people out of the shadows” but had everything to do with getting them citizenship and the ability to vote. So Cruz created an amendment that would allow for legalization, but NOT a path to citizenship – knowing it would not pass and therefore exposing the Democrats for being hypocrites on this issue.

Ted Cruz’s maneuver is covered here.

As an aside, Marco Rubio also blatantly lied about Cruz on this same issue, evidently believing as “sundance” does, that Americans are too stupid to do their own research.

The democrats who call for Amnesty, you see, do not care about the plight of the immigrants. But they do care very much about those immigrants as a potential voting block.

As reported at,

“…listen to the words of Eliseo Medina, President Obama’s ‘go-to’ man on issues of ‘comprehensive immigration reform!’ Here Medina neglects to mention the plight of illegal immigrants. Rather, he discusses the creation of ‘a governing coalition for the long term’:”

Watch this creep here:

Speaking of Eliseo Medina, here the “Honorary DSA member” is hanging out with Obama during a “hunger strike” for illegal immigrants.


This blatant lie about Cruz’s position on Amnesty is particularly egregious because Ted Cruz is one of the very few (the only?) who challenge the real motive behind “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Read Ted Cruz’s proposal on immigration policy here.


Here, Niskey, the big fat liar that he is, shows a clip of Ted Cruz saying a few months after the politicized tragedy at Sandy Hook that a “federal list of every gun owner in America” would be “unconstitutional.” THEN, Niskey whips out “evidence” that Cruz actually endorses a federal registry consisting of all gun owners (which is absolutely fake, fake, fake!).

In a nutshell, Cruz was endorsing the strengthening of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICSwhich is not a list of every gun owner, but rather a list of those who are not legally allowed to carry firearms based on their criminal history, mental health history and legal status. This is a voluntary list maintained by using information provided by the states, as reported at the Hill.

But of course, Niskey’s version is rewritten to make you vote for Donald Trump.

The moral of the story is: Do your own homework.


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10 thoughts on “More LIES: Viral video slamming Ted Cruz is a big fat fake

  1. The other moral of the story… Who in their right mind gives a rip what a candidate who stoops bashing says, or believes what they’d say to begin with??

  2. EXACTLY what I said, each topic that came up…I was shouting at my computer!! It’s really sad, that they are trying to destroy someone who really could turn things around!!

  3. You think that’s bad? Here’s a similar video made by someone with a lot more influence unfortunately:

    Stefan Molyneux has been an intelligent political commentator in the past, thus it’s a shame to see him reduced to these kinds of alinsky tactics. His video has over 150,000 views as we speak. Though he may sound intelligent, it’s nothing but the same false talking points that have been refuted again and again and again. If you look at the other videos he’s submitted, he’s gone after other former-rivals of Trump (see his “The truth about Ben Carson video), but doesn’t seem interested in applying such scrutiny to Mr. Trump himself for some reason.

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