10 thoughts on “UC Irvine Students Harass Israeli Ambassador

  1. Ungrateful punks who are no doubt attending the Univerity on a grant or some other financial aid financed by America’s taxpayers. These punks need to have their visa’s or whatever they are using to study in AMERICA YANKED and they need to be deporte back to their country of origin. We don’t need any more communist indoctrinated punks who are too stupid to learn occupying Amrican Universities. If they were proud of themselves and believed that the pubic views them with respect, they are totally wrong; they behaved like the trash riff raff that they truly are. Get them the hell outof America NOW!!

  2. This is an earlier tape from the West Coast headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood. This campus has become hostile to Israel, dominated by Leftist appeasers,with Gulf countries funding, producing a generation of pure morons, engaged in anything but learning a meaningful profession. These students will become agitators, political activists and full time trouble makers. Going after Jews in Germany in the early 30’s did not end very well for Europe, will it yield superior results in California?

  3. These are examples of the people the American left is standing up for. Useful idiots, dupes, and dummies doesn’t begin to cover it. I only hope ALL THOSE STUDENTS actually do get failing grades. Failing grades that will stay with them forever. A black mark on their university record that will hold down their entire average and be there for all to see. I also hope that the university pressed charges against them. Otherwise, they will just wait to do it again to the next Israeli speaker. It must be awful to be a normal student at this school who actually wants to learn and have intelligent discussions. UC Irvine sucks.

  4. While it was nice to FINALLY SEE the admin chastise these ungrateful punks, it it THEY WHO LET THEM INTO OUR COUNTRY, OUR SCHOOLS, AND INTO THIS SPEECH! Atop this, we the California tax-payers PAY for these future-jihadi’s to do this!!!

    WAKE UP UCI!!!!!!

  5. I was happy to see member of University Administration chastise the students behavior. Frankly was surprised said anything. I’ve seen same University let this behavior go unaddressed during speeches by David Horowitz.

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