US Communist Al Neal: Helping to make “Russia Great Again”

Al Neal, a  member of the no-longer-relevant Communist Party USA, is helping to organize a 20,000 attendee communist youth festival in no-longer-communist Russia, at a venue personally mandated by no-longer-our enemy Vladimir Putin.

The festival is regarded by Russian authorities as the most important international propaganda event since the Sochi Olympics.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the Bid Committee of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students on February 18th and shared his vision concerning the main goal of the event:

Russia has repeatedly held the international forums, and has proven that can do it at the highest level. However, “To create conditions for the participants of this major event is important, but that is not enough,” said Vladimir Putin. ”It is important to fill it with the best, interesting content, build discussions and activities that you will be planning in such way, that it could contribute to the achievement of the objectives for which those activities are held”

Neal, who is the St. Louis Bureau Chief, according to the Communist Party USA‘s news site, People’s World, was in Colombo Sri Lanka in May for the 3rd International Preparatory Meeting, hosted by the National Peace Council-Sri Lanka for the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students.

Al Neal, left

The Conference convener World Federation of Democratic Youth started in the late 1940s as a Soviet-controlled front promoting Soviet foreign policy goals… whether to go with détente and arms control or support for Third World terrorist movements. In recent years, the organization has been mainly steered by Greek and Cuban communists.

The WFDY‘s triennial or quadrennial youth festivals have served as occasions for partying, dancing, sightseeing, socializing and introducing young radicals to communists, terrorist leaders and Moscow’s intelligence services.

This event is by far the largest and the first to be held in the Soviet Union/Russia since the “end” of the Cold War.

It is specifically timed to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.

Al Neal and the Communist Party will be busy recruiting as many young American delegates as possible to help make “Russia Great Again.”

Let’s hope the FBI files the names of every last one of them.


Author: Trevor

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