3 thoughts on “#GOPdebate: Mark Levin debunks Trump “gotcha” questions

  1. Have you EVER hit the nail on the head! They’re employing the same dirt, mud-throwing BS the left throws every election! It’s obvious that they’re stumped at the unexpected movement that is taking place and they will do anything to crush it! He doesn’t bow to the mainstream. He calls it like it is. THAT alone is very worth my consideration.

    I am a registered female Republican and I can tell you that I don’t see eye-to-eye with Megyn. I find her agenda repulsive and devisive. If what they have dug up thus far is all they can find? Tell me how that is worse than what Bill and Hillary Clinton have done? Megyn calls out Trump and asks if this is the kind of person we should be considering for President? Are you kidding me? Whose side is she on? Hillary as a whole is far worse than her husband’s indiscretions will ever be. And our current adminstration? Even worse than Billary!

    I am absolutely disgusted at the way the RNC and Fox are treating Trump. I used to trust Fox as an independent source of truth in fair reporting. Not anymore. I can see they’re just as bad as Communist News Network and the others.

    The more I see and hear, the more I see myself in ‘the movement.’ I’m tired of the rhetoric and PC garbage and everybody getting their tender feelings hurt. I want to hear the TRUTH. I want to hear what the bought-and-paid-for PC are unwilling to say. So Mr. Trump. Bring it on.

    1. I agree with you – I will not trust Fox “News”, and especially M. Kelly, again! What would we do without this man, Mark L., who will point out and bring out the “rest of the story” of truth about those who have an agenda that does not really support true conservatism and truth itself!

  2. Thank you, Mark Levin for your follow up. I was so disgusted when I heard this comment from Megan Kelly.

    I went to bed!

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